I need help finding a broker for minors

Hi, does anyone know any forex brokers that let minors open an account for mt4 or allow parents and minors to open a custodial account

I hope you consider starting out with a demo before opening a live account. Found the thread below though. HTH

Broker for 16 Y/O

You can just ask your parent to open an account with their profile and let you trade on it. No stress about that. Just use Tenkofx, it is easy to register.

You need to be at least 18 to open an account with most brokers like Fxview or IG. Until then, you can open an account in the name of one of your parent’s or guardians and start investing. But make sure you do so with a broker that allows account opening with a minimum amount of money as you don’t want to risk a lot of capital in the start. I started with $50 with Fxview.

I would not encourage you to open a live account and start trading directly. You could suffer a huge loss and your custodians will have to bear it. I would recommend you to read about trading. Do not start trading under the influence of someone you met online.

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No forex trader allows opening of an account by a minor. It can only be done on a parents’ or a guardians’ name.