I need help in binary option

Hello i need help in binary i am doing it from last 2 months i used martingale strategy i used support and resistance strategy

in demo i am wining 10 trades out of 13 trades but in real i am losing all can some one please help me

Net profit for the selected period:

  • $82.7

Close your account and don’t trade period.


please tell me some stratagy from which i can earn at least 10$ per day Thanks

Sell a donkey bro.

SERIOUSLY, binaries is a mugs game. Better of betting red at your local


will you tell me any other thing wher eto invest 500$ and earn 10$ daily

You can’t bro. Thats the entire point.

Trading in any form is not for you.


you can and i cant impossible i will do it

That’s because most, if not all binary brokers are scams and corrupt. They are also in the process of being banned throughout Europe by early next year according to the European Securities and Markets Authority (ESMA). This is no laughing matter. The Financial Services Authority (FSA) would have banned them in the UK by now, and they were going to announce this, however they are waiting for the ‘bigger, more appropriate’ ruling from the ESMA.

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sir already many people earning very big and they withdraw many big amounts its 100% sure that binary option is not scam

good for you, please continue to sell the dream.

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You really are clueless?

Feel free to argue with the with the following - i’m done here

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Even if you get out of binaries and into trading via other access, a Martingale system cannot win.

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That’s normal.

Not if you’ve already decided that it’s 100% certain that binary options aren’t a scam - nobody can possibly help you, under those circumstances. Being helped, in your position, requires a willingness to learn something and then re-assess your misguided beliefs.

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ok so can any one please guide me little bit and tell me some other thing from which i can earn some money

No, no they don’t. Good luck to you bro but i think you can kiss your $500 goodbye. You lack of knowledge, desperation and naivety is exactly what these guys prey on. Byeeeeeeeeeee…


I would have a look around all the “make money online” forums, and take great care.

Trading isn’t a solution for people who want to make a bit of money quickly. It has a very long learning process before there’s any chance of regular income. Only a very small minority of people ever get that far with it and they’re always the ones who aren’t in a hurry.

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Hmmm… it’s a four letter word, may not be allowed on BP so will have to spell it out.

Begins with W, ends in K has ‘or’ in the middle. Apparently if you put the word ‘hard’ before it has been known to earn some money.


It’s incredible really - all the hard work and one day you open the door to a stream of income, how much you want to test the boundaries is as always down to you :wink:

from last 3 years i tried many things but no luck i am working very hard on every thing but no earning








Ok, different scenario.

You are a trier, triers always succeed in business.

In the UK people who have gone bust trying to set up a new business are seen as failures, in the US they are triers, risk takers, guys who do not give up easily.

See yourself in this second category.

In using the internet, one tip - learn well the product you are selling, then devise your marketing using this knowledge, users intuitively will buy from a site that answers their questions without the need to ask.

AdSense is good, but get to understand the product and you will get to know the keywords, very soon the site will be on page one.