I need help on trade

Please Philip a trader that needs help in trading signals and signals trend’s

Interesting discussion on signal and bot trading. Might give you some insight on where to go next with your trading. Join in if you have any questions.

At this point, just focus on trends, Check the 28 top charts for trends, learn to identify them quantify them, understand their characteristics, how MA’s might be used to help in these tasks, how price prints pull-backs in trends and how deep these are and how fast they occur and get smoothed out.

Trade through a demo account. If you’re in a good trend, almost any signal will work.

I would also need help! I can’t find a good source of information for trading in crypto

Find a trending market, learn how to use a fib and off you go (on demo).

The concept of a trend is quite broad.
Both technical analysis factors and fundamentals have to be taken into account.
Each asset has its own development history, this needs to be kept under control and understood.

Trend indicators can help you with this.