I tried to stay away from the internet or social media

I love spending time on the internet too, but I’ve learned to only visit social media places that I like.

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Social media can be great but it can be really bad too. Like many things in life, we should use them in moderation. :wink:

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Which ones do you frequent? I find Facebook to be exhausting sometimes and Twitter to be too toxic.


Yeah. :sweat: I guess that’s the problem with anonymity. People enjoy it so much that they use it to unleash the side of themselves they wouldn’t usually show. :frowning: :frowning: I just keep reminding myself that since I don’t know this mean person, his opinion shouldn’t really matter to me. (It’s easier said than done though of course.) :sweat_smile:


Hahaha. :stuck_out_tongue: Thanks Wonel! :slight_smile: I think that’s about right. :stuck_out_tongue: Social media’s been a thing since I was in my early kindergarten years so it’s really hard to erase from my life completely too. :frowning: Sometimes, whenever I go online here on BP, I find myself sneakingly logging into my other social media accounts. :sweat_smile:

I like Pinterest, for the most part, if it can be called social media to begin with.
As for FB and Twitter, I am not touching those with a ten-foot pole.

There are loads and loads of super cool things on Pinterest. :stuck_out_tongue: Haha. :slight_smile: I have quite a lot of boards there. Haha. :sweat_smile: Some are for workout and fitness goals while some are for dessert recipes. :sunny: Haha.

I mostly use it for landscapes and potato recipes. Don’t even ask, I like potatoes. :grin:

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[quote=“Falstaff, post:5, topic:152394”]
Your job is to feel as happy as you can and to learn how to “trade well”

Hey Bub, that is Trademarked “Trade Well” ®

hehehehehehe :laughing:

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"Give me a pint of what he’s been drinking. " :innocent:

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Hey Ria, believe it or not, I happen to have an uncle that is Filipino.

Anyways, about your dilemma. Social media, unless you are following the antics of your family, or a really solid Trader that you know you can trust, is, in general, emotionally exhausting and a waste of time. So you should not feel bad about yourself if, after reading how bad things are, you feel bad.

I.E. Depending on the social media, 6 years ago President Obama was the harbinger of Satan, today if you listen to the opposite side President Trump is about to unleash the demonic hoards upon the earth.

I am a realist, it is my view that unless there is a greater power, that will intervene in the progression of this planet, well bottom line, we are a the mercies of the forces of nature, no need to worry about nuclear this and that, Govt’s operate on self interest, ALL govt’s today know that a nuclear exchange is mutual suicide, they ain’t gonna do it. So that leaves us with the things no one can predict or contend with, The Giant Meteor of Death, The Yellowstone Caldera, The Ring Of Fire (Pacific), all of the fault lines in every part of the earth. You can’t control this and focusing on it, will not add one Centimeter to your life.

If any of these Natural processes happen in our lifetimes, well it will not be an extinction event, but humanity will be thrown back in population and living standard for years.

So my advice, stick to the “workout and fitness goals while some are for dessert recipes”, you will be much happier. Also, you have to be able to, well, I hate to say it, perhaps harden yourself a bit. Sometimes you have to trade bad news to make a profit. The shooting of Rep Scalise comes to mind, an earthquake, a hurricane, all of these events cause a disturbance in Price/Time, and we as traders profit from these disturbances. I know it does not seem right but, it is not your or my fault that these thing happen. Just like the bodyshop guy profits from fixing a car that was in an accident where someone was seriously injured, we profit from bad, good, and indifferent.

So go out, buy yourself a new hat, pick yourself up from the floor, and reset you mind and heart, and get on with learning how to trade.

Hope to continue seeing you again

The Ever Mature VIPER

kalayaan para sa _ bob

PS I leave you with this

I feel like I haven’t seen the ever interesting @TradeViper in a long time! Where have you been?? Good to have you back.

Potatoes are the best. And is the main reason why I can never try that keto diet. What’s your favorite recipe??

I like Pinterest too! I mostly look for DIY crafts, interior home designs and food recipes. :heart_eyes:

I love Pinterest too. Sometimes I just keep pinning stuff but don’t get to try them out. :joy:

Oh! :smiley: That’s interesting. :slight_smile: Filipinos are really everywhere. :stuck_out_tongue:

Thanks for this TradeViper. :frowning: This is so true. Sometimes, I wonder why a lot of people still use it despite the toxicity social mediia sites exude. :confounded:

I really appreciate the wise words TV! :blush: I know that there’s sort of a need to “harden” myself a bit, and really, I’m trying. :confounded: I guess, I’ve just been so used to believing that I can make a change or an impact somewhere somehow, that I let these things affect me. :frowning: But you’re super right. :frowning: It’s not our own fault that these things happen, and maybe looking beyong the bad could bring in some good. :frowning: I’ll try to be better! :smiley: Thank you so much!

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That’s me too. I don’t mind, I just get joy out of the beautiful pictures.

If I may add, for personal fulfillment, Life Mentoring a “yute” can be a great way to help bring in some “Tangible” good. Tutoring, of even helping out a Niece or Nephew is great, perhaps at a school, church etc. But you want to interact with folks who are kind of like minded, nothing worse than having the parents/guardians get mad at you because you are teaching their kids something they disagree with.

Trading is for profit, there is not much “fulfillment” in it. If you are correct, you make money, if you are incorrect, you lose money. Now I will say there are sociopaths in this business who get great personal satisfaction being able to successfully navigate the treacherous waters of the “Great Material Continuum”, but they usually are divorced 20 million times, their kids and everyone else hates them. By the way here is something that was made into a Ted talk, it hits the nail on the head, Your Boss Actually Is a Psycho | GQ.

Anyway, instead of social media, cook a meal, invite some friends over, but have a phone or device ban before during and after the meal, you will thank me for it.

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Libr8 _bob

One day we will get to try all our pins haha.

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If only I had the time to cook so much.

What a good read! I’ve never met a person like Al but wow, would be both amazing and painful if you had to work for one.