I tried to stay away from the internet or social media

I have met a few such people too, and I cherish them greatly.

Same here, it was really great and we know it’s not the main problem here. The real problem is our weakness of self-control.

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:joy::joy: well said…@tommor

I am not sure I get what you mean, Do you mean that people have no self-control on social media?

That’s very interesting. Did you guys get to meet them “IRL”?

I did get to meet one of them, yes. What about you?

Not yet. Was it awkward when it happened? Also, was it through an online forum like this one?

Yes, it was from an online forum.
And not really, it wasn’t awkward at all, we agreed to meet because we had very similar interests and hit it off immediately.

That’s cool. One of my friends got married a few years back, some of his groomsmen were folks he met online through like COD or something. The internet can be an awesome place sometimes.

True. You can meet both incredible and awful people. It’s a matter of luck.

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I agree that there is a lot of hatred and bullying in the social media. People get carried away and they don’t realize that their words hurt people’s feelings. There is a big difference between truth and bullying. We should refrain from doing such things and boycott anyone involved in it.

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If I see people engaging in bullying or harrassing behaviour on social media at this point I just block them. There is little point in engaging with them, I am unlikely to change their minds but I will end up the being upset.

Wow what a long post very good knowledge of what you’re doing yes get back to those trades

Hello, you can not stay away from social media because it is the platform where you can get the updates especially about the forex trading. It’s true that the corona virus has been threatening globally, one can be attempted to go silent due to these threats. So what is the solution anyway?

I am constantly refreshing the news. On one hand it’s making me so anxious when I do, on another hand when I stop I get anxious because I fear I’d miss something major.

I have tried this but have never lasted for more than a couple of days lol

I have been constantly refreshing the coronavirus reddits lately. It’s not good for me, but I can’t help it.

I’m trying to be better at this. Not going well, but I’m hoping maybe just to check in the morning and then evening. Maybe give myself a time limit. There are way more productive things I could be doing with my time.

I am reading news constantly and it has a terrible effect on me, to be honest.

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