I want to know about Forex signals

I am Menon Chowdhury and new to this forum. I want to know about Forex signals but I don’t have an idea about it. Do you have anybody who wish to explain it properly so that I can use it perfectly?

I really expect your better solutions.

Signals are order entry points provided by online professional forex brokers - I’m currently looking at 2 such systems - one I’m paying for and one I’m trailing for free.

Saves all the heart ache of developing my own system - I’m quite new and cant seem to find a system so I’m trying signals.


hi sean, how are you getting on with those two? i am in a similar position, i have been trialling forexsignalscope but they have been pretty rubbish as they only seem to post like 4 trades a month! i have also just read on another thread on this forum about jtrading forex signals and i think i might give that a go. the website seems pretty good and if the past performance is true then it should be pretty decent. What are the two that you are trialling if you dont mind me asking?

Hi folks,

I’m using signals for several years now with different results. What I have learned most - and that’s my recommendation to you - is that you make up your mind or figure out by practizing yourself, what kind of trading approach fits you best and then scan the market for good signals.

For example, you might like trading the trend or trading breakout situations. In both cases signals will be different and one needs to take care of - more or less - different factors.

Above all, one shouldn’t blindly trust such signals, as in most cases their providers don’t let you know about how they created those signals.

Anyways, to help you, I can recommend a German signal provider who trades breakout situations with quite a good monthly performance for relatively little money. As far as I’m informed you can get a one year subsription for €100-150. Let me know if you are interested and I will tell you contact details.

Hi Hubinator,

I’m also a fan of signals - I’m new to forex (a few months only) and prefer to search for signal systems - ie entry points and then manage the trade myself.

That said - I am currently using a system whereby they place and manage the trades for me - been going since the start of this year with positive results.

Here’s my findings so far:

  • forexsignal.com
    They place your order on the fxcm trading station - they spot breakouts then wait for confirmation which is when they place your order - initial stop is placed at -35 on 2 orders so max loss is $70 with 2 targets one set for each order.

I like this system since a. it’s conservative and b. I just let them get on with it.

cost is $165 per month - up $365 over 3 days.

  • fx renew:
    has been providing some good signals - comes with a desk top alerts. Issue is some of them arrive at 4am which Im not aware of.

If you have some good providers I’d be very interested to know who they are and your view on their performance.

Thank you,


Do you have the website address for jtrading - I cant seem to find them.

I’ve left a post re my signal providers at the moment.

I’ve also put alot of work into investing into funds/stocks and shares if you’re interested.


Hi all,

the signal provider services I can recommend, are:

Hi Hubinator,

Lots to be going at there - cant wait to take a look.

Your favourite provider stats are impressive - are the entries emailed across to you?


Hi Hubinator,

Are you currently using all 4 providers - or are you testing some of them?

Your favourite - I presume they email you before 8am then you place your orders once the price is reached?


Hi meseany,

yes, they are emailed to me every morning and at the end of the day I receive an email with the daily results.

Your are right, their results are really impressive, but best is the price - haven’t found any other service that would offer their signals for a price that low.

Unfortunately, their service faded a little within the past year. I chose them because at the beginning I would receive an email on every trade or sl adjustment they had done, so I was able to trade like their head traders and check almost in realtime if I had the same results. Those emails seem to be gone - or I’m doing something wrong as I don’t receive them any longer. But it doesn’t matter. Once a trader has understood the strategy and how trades are handled (described in a strategy booklet), the signal service can turn out to be probably the most profitable system you will ever see around.

I tried fxticker as well, but wouldn’t continue because they would only send their signals and the rest was up to me. As said above, the signals of Classicfond were really wonderful as they sent emails on every move they made, so I was able to compare my results almost 1:1 with theirs.

Classicfond also send an indicator especially for their subscribers that would ease trading. It was kind of an acoustic alert - one was a horizontal line that would send an alert once a certain price level was reached; the other one was a vertical line that would send an alert if a certain time was reached, e.g. to warn you on upcoming news.

Yes, you receive an email with price levels for short and long trades on every pair so you can place them once the level is reached.

An overall very good service, but to be honest, I have to warn in view of the special character of this system. It is a breakout strategy with a tight stop loss of 20 pips. And if there are no breakouts in the market one will experience a huge drawdown. Sometimes 3 days in a row were negative, but every time the breakout happened one day and would compensate for the previous losses.

So if you are interested, I’d recommend to test it for €39 a month (including signals for indices and commodities) and concentrade on the 5 major pairs. You will be busy enough with only those 5 pairs.


Do you match the same results with your mirrored account as is posted on their performance page?

This service sounds very interesting.

Any one following any good signals from zulu trade?

Hi Hubinator,
are you a german?
I`m living in Bamberg, not so far from you and have a lot of questions.

Hi Traderharry,

yes, I’m German.

Hi Hubinator,
Im happy to hear this. Can we write in german here or is it not allowed, because my english is not so good? I want ask you to something about FMM, I dont understand him.

Hallo Harald,

probieren wir’s mal auf Deutsch. Leider wurde meine email Adresse bei meiner ersten Antwort gelöscht; scheint hier nicht erlaubt zu sein, persönliche emails weiterzugeben. Aber das kriegen wir schon hin: mein Nachname ist Klein und da hängst du einfach ein hub dran und dann at web de - und schon hast du’s.

Wenn’s geht kannst du natürlich deine Fragen auch hier auf Deutsch stellen; wenn es für andere User interessant ist, dann kann ich das ja übersetzen.

Hallo Hubert,
hab es mal probiert, hoffe es hat geklappt.
Ansonsten bin ich haschme und dann at web de.
Viele Grüße

Forex Signals are typically free services that send you information on WHEN to take a trade in the forex market. Most signal services are paid.

hi sean,
i’m a new trader like yourself , also based in the uk. i’m using a free signal service from google.
if you got a gmail or any of the google products. you can go under google groups they got a free forex membership club which sends automatic signals between 11-12 at night.
i’ve used them many times. they quiet good. theres another one but that £20 a months its called Welcome to the FTSE 100 Club it sends stock and forex signals. haven’t used them.
Have you used the german link? and how is your managed account doing since you opened it? how much did you have to open it with? thers another site called avafx.com they also good, you can open a demo account and mirror the trades with experinced trader on a real account with a different provider for free.