I want to learn. Where do I start?

I remember forex trading back when we used to live in HK and my mom would go to the bank everyday and write the rates for different currencies in her notebook. Anyway, I have some money saved and I’d like to learn. How do I get started?

You can start right here at the BP School which will introduce you to the basics of trading and take it from there.

You are in the right place Lalia, go through BP school which is very helpfull and research a lot. What i would advise you is also open a demo account and practise what you read as i found it very helpful at the begin.

I agree that BP school is a good place to learn the forex trading. You can also read some good tips from the articles of dailyfx.

the school here is awesome, go through the basics and you will get a good idea, first get a demo account and try out a few trades…you can check my threads if you like. I am posting liove trades. Taking trades while learning from the school would be a great way to start.

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Self promotion, not cool pal :frowning:

If you want to learn then I personally believe in something called trial and error. To properly understand things you need to start trading and you need to make mistakes. The key point here though is that you understand why these mistakes have happened. You’re in a good forum now so you can start to learn theoretically about the forex and trading world. Once you have gone through the basics, open a demo account with a regulated broker and trade for a little bit. Personally I wouldn’t spend too much time with a demo and then I would go to a live account with a small deposit in order to start understanding proper trading from there. Demo’s are good for learning but it’s a different experience trading with a live account with your hard earned money. It makes you be a better trader when you have your money on the line.

But someone commonly do not know whether they make mistake or error, they do not know what is happening with their own order mistakes. its difficult for them. And it will happen more and more without third people to teach him.

Yeah, go to the BP School. I’ve bought literally dozens of trading / finance books, and the BP school has proven to be better than most of them. And it’s free. :smiley:

hi mate,
if you come to London, I suggest you to attend a course in quant7.com
That one is good place to learn and start algo trading. It is more practical.

I started with baby pips my first learning was to read all beginners lessons . After it I made demo practice with the help of different videos and snap shots. You can adopt way that you find easy for you to start .

Acquiring knowledge is a good way to start forex. When i started trading babypips school and forexsanity was a great place to get forex knowledge .Then you can open a demo account to practice trading before going into live account to trade.

Yeah its good that you are trying to learn first, i have done much of my reading in Forexcamping web site, the details meantioned about forex in this site is very easy to understand.

In this regard, I would like to say that you should do demo trading sincerely as forex is technical business and practical knowledge help the newbies towards success, you should also get the help from the experienced persons and the should start the real trading.

number one study the basic, number two practice on a demo account a lot. number three keep notes, number four Watch you tube videos (stay away from the marketers). number five read books about the basic (like chart, patterns, trend, etc.) number six repeat number One, two, and three the most.
PS. spend little or no money on learning, save it for your forex account. PSS: I just finished the Baby Pips school and it was great.

Yes, first any beginner they need learn basic education forex, and next they need to practice in demo account, and don’t rush jump in real account if in demo account still often facing wth failure, at least practice on six month and look how performance you are, if on these period of time able generate good accumulating profit might you can start in real account with small capital first

You should join any forex forum where you can get the better ideas of the experienced persons and then you should get the practice on demo account which is the best place to learn the forex, so these are the two ways for learning.

Start with the Babypips School here, open a demo account somewhere and start practising after you’ve gone through the School.

Guys, don’t you think there are enough of these “Where do I start?” threads occupying the front page of Newbie Island without continually bumping threads that are [B]over a year old[/B] to make exactly the same comments over and over again? Just a suggestion …

All trader come as beginner I think although right now already become expert and might already able making good earning, I am also start because interested in forex and first time reading from local source with my country language, during practice also faced many times failure and margin call account, but now I am felt get improvement because not yet give up