I was laughing in my sleep

I was dreaming about a funny comedy film playing in my dream and I was laughing throughout. The film was well made and was funny every 30 seconds. You’ve heard of sleep walking but I was sleep laughing. I kept cracking up so much that it woke me up. At one point I was half awake that I could feel myself physically almost laughing in my bed.
After waking up, I wanted to record down the film I just saw in my dream so I could actually make and publish the film one day, but most of the memory was lost because your dreams are stored in your short term memory for a short time before they disappear.


It happens. I have a relative who mumbles a lot on her sleep and is almost impossible to wake up when she gets in that phase of sleep.

This has happened to me as well. I didn’t dream a funny movie, I don’t remember exactly what were the dreams but several times I woke up by my laughter. Amusing situation indeed…

Same attitude sometimes I feel when sleeping. Sounds funny.

This has happened to me a lot of times. Then there was this one time that I woke up crying. I don’t even remember what happened in my dream but I felt the same heaviness that someone feels when really crying over something. I also had tears in my eyes but I really couldn’t remember what happened. :joy:


Haha! It is the nature of human being that they feel what they see in their dreams. I often do commentry while sleeping whenever I watch a cricket match in the day on the TV. I often got up with a cry whenever I feel down in a dream. It happens!

Does anyone here know any actual sleepwalkers?

Happened to me too. Both laughing and crying in my sleep. Same with CoinLady, I usually couldn’t remember my dream. :sweat_smile:

There is nothing wrong in laughing in your sleep. I bet that your partner if you have any would be enjoying the scenes as much as you. The worst part of having a good dream is that you forget what happened. You try your hardest to remember but you can’t relive it again.

I have cried so many times in my sleep and its really difficult to wake up in that situation

I never make noises in my sleep - so I’ve been told anyway - but a relative of mine talks in her sleep a lot.

I would never imagine that it will happen with somebody really, I bet it happens a lot and I can’t really tell about my own experience cause it simply doesn’t happen with me probably, I bet that no. I may ask my girlfriend about that, I mean to control me a bit;)

The person I mentioned - she has no idea she talks in her sleep. And it’s not clear words like when you’re awake, it’s occasional mumbling and wailing and it’s actually pretty scary to witness. But it’s just sleep talking.

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I’d take sleep talking any day than sleep paralysis! :sweat_smile:

really got me laughing reading the thread. Usually it’s scary dream that woke one up, but laughing too? Very interesting. You must be joyous one @sprotz

Short memory dream, it happens with me often, but my sister is great at remembering dreams and share with us, family. It depends on the capability of brains, I guess

Sometimes I see my toddler nephew laughing in his sleep. Too cute to watch.

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Yes, my cousin :sweat_smile:

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Me too, actually. I’ve had occasional bouts of that over the years, it’s a terrifying experience.

Oh no! I haven’t had that myself but heard about it from friends. Sounds like it’s something you wouldn’t want to wish on anybody. Have you found what “triggers” it, if at all?

In my case, the thing that triggered it last time was the combination of being totally exhausted and drinking something with caffeine in it before going to bed LOL.