IC Markets - Broker gone rogue

IC Markets is slowly becoming a disgrace. Servers crash/freeze during high impact news, slippage ranges beyond 100pips. They are losing credibility by the week.Support does not respond to queries. I do not recommend this broker any more. “How the might have fallen!”

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Speak for yourself.

I have a few accounts with them. They are very kind to me, they never take out my stop loss, ever.

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yeah i also say speak for yourself, i have multiple accounts with them and dont have any problems at all.

By the end of 2018 I was singing the same song, in harmony with you, felllas. Until I realized the discrapency between them and 2 other brokers where I duplicate all my trades & IC Markets was rather odd at filling oreders & suddenly crashing. Now I use multiple devices and can actually see the running/pending orders on all 3 brokers.

ive used multipl brokers myself and didnt see a problem. maybe its a problem with the server your on. get them to swap you to a different one

I’ll try that bro…

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before choosing a broker its more appropriate to trade with a small account to see the real performance of any broker.

Aren’t they regulated? Should be squeaky clean no?

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how did you get on with switching servers?

I have decided to try XTB as a broker, instead.

ok good luck with that

@AskoB, If you’re still around… I have found slippage on IC Markets accounts of late becoming more and more unacceptable over the last 6 or so months…

Now, I’m in Australia…in the belief that I’ll be chatting with IC Markets Australia… I was getting some information from them recently and the name of my “Agent” was Eastern European… no big drama… part of my conversation came back in Russian… WTF.

Very disturbing… Just who’s running their Support and backend… Kaspersky anyone…

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I guess that (the Russians) could be the ones helping them kill our orders’ margins when it comes to offering higher ticks of slippage…

I moved my post to a new page to find if anyone know an honest broker.
This is the link A prove that IC Markets does stoploss hunting

Stop Whingeing - take your money out and go somewhere else ! :roll_eyes:

WTF do you mean by “ECN” ?

Exactly. Complain to the regulator and I guarantee you results…

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Just found some compelling bedtime stories… for IC Markets clientele…

Always read these type of articles with a grain of salt… Caveat Emptor … boys and girls…

Hi @AskoB, if you’re still there how has your experience with XTB been ?

IC market is becoming like broker who is out there to take you out at every opportunity. Over 90% of trades suffer slippage during normal times. New event - huge ones. I have noticed, if you have tiny size, usually no slippage, but if its couple of lots, guaranteed slippage. Very unethical, exploiting liqudity provider excuse - I hope they are investigated by some regulators.