ICT 5K to 1M challenge, discussion

I guess it would be on a side account that would have to be perfectly managed/traded as an example for everyone to pick apart. I’m not always the shining example of a guru lol.

Also, I could see it adding psychological pressure as you could imagine, but that might be a good thing. I think I’m better under pressure…gets the blood flowing lol. But playing games with my income would be irresponsible right now.
If someone who has learned the VSA/Petefader method wants to do it, that would be cool. It would be more to the point to see if others are profitable.

Yep, it’s private. When do I get to say I told you so?

What is this ICT

ICT - Information and Communication Technologies.

I Can’t Trade.

You are excluded, because you are a troll, a naysayer, a tick, a joke, a hater, jealous, a flamer, a skeptic, a critic, an excrement, etc.

PS sorry, couldn’t resist :smiley:

Lol… Your so funny Mr. MG… I know you are soooo wanting to say that 4 little words…lol

Well, you should add more words to make your wait worth while…:slight_smile:

I’m gonna have to do.

I was wrong. Until proven otherwise right now at this point.

I was wrong.

This post. +1

Nice Avatar… I think I’ve seen that before :wink:

That logo can only be seen in a Chris Lori’s Pro Traders Club workshop…

Is that sooo?..hmmm… interesting…

I think it is overuse… Need some originality.

Wow, what the frak happened? How much drawdown was ICT experiencing (if any)?

Today -4.84% ( - ) -$204.30 ( - ) -45.40 ( - ) 0% ( - ) 1 ( - )
This Month -20.66% (-23.88%) -$1046.21 (-$1110.60) -225.00 (-275.0) 20% (-44%) 10 (-4)

Is he down -20% or -44%? Ouchies.

He’s down 20%. -44% is his Win % (Difference) I believe.

Maybe he seriously forgot to put in a SL. And then he ragequit.

Seems like he’s risking 5% per trade, judging from the fxbook comments? If so, a 20% drawdown isn’t abnormal at all. In fact to go from $5k to $1m, you really do need to risk alot.

ahh I got sucked in. At least it’s on topic.

yea but when you state you dont/wont go over 3%…