ICT Mentorship 2022 - Notes and Homework

Welcome to this Thread,
I regularly post my private notes and homework about the ICT Mentorship 2022. You are welcome to join and participate in the thread. Open questions relating to the mentorship can be asked here. We help each other and benefit together.

You need to be up to date when it comes to watching the YouTube Mentorship 2022 Videos.

This thread is only for doing the homework together and helping other traders in their learning curve.


this thread is great. but can you please explain what youve learned and wat the hw actually is? maybe even screenshots of each step in doing the hw

Oooh. :open_mouth: This would definitely be interesting! :smiley: I wasn’t around yet when ICT was here, but I’ve heard so many people talk about him so I’m curious. :blush: Haha. I hope you don’t get in trouble though for sharing this? :open_mouth:

Hello @YoungTrepTrader,
to learn the concepts please watch the Mentorship 2022 videos on YouTube from ICT.


i know the concepts since 2015. im just saying for the sake of the post thread. it would create a nice engagement


That’s awesome! I am also in his mentorship and the concepts he teaches are absolute astonishing. I’ll try to explain the concepts as good as possible in the screenshots I am posting. Fell free to share your analysis as well.

Hi, how can join to mentorship?

What makes it difficult to discuss the trading strategy and methodology on the forum itself? If it’s too difficult or complicated to discuss the strategy on the forum then perhaps it’s not a strategy worth discussing.

I don’t see why folks need to be pushed onto YT all the time. That’s all I’ve seen from folks discussing ICT methods: “Go to his YT channel”

That’s alone is a huge warning sign for me.


yeah i feel u on that. but i will say, the reference to u tube is the best answer they can give be cause there are such specifics with his methods that u would need to get it from the source to get it. if that makes sense? but if they them selves undertood it enough they would at least be able to summarize because its price action

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OK, I think I understand where you’re coming from. Basically there’s a lot of material to cover and grasping a single concept may be too complicated for a single post, compared to a YT video.

I think my issue is similar to the point you raised earlier. What was learnt and what the HW is a great start to engage in some meaningful dialogue. If someone totally new asks then point to a relevant post/video or a healthy discussion b/w OP and someone with experience of these concepts.

My only gripe with the whole YT thing is that there are threads for literally everything on BP. Price action, VSA, various indicators, etc. But for ICT it’s always got to YT. No guides or threads discussing theory among practitioners.

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wat is b/w OP?? yeah man i thought this a great thread for discussion and engagement because u usually dont see much of that. but then again this is baby pips so mostly newbies. i mean i have seen good discussion on ict methonds but on a more experienced forum

OP = Original Poster or Original Post.

I hope it turns out that way too. The engagement and healthy discussion bit I mean.

so are you new trading? or experienced and profitable?

New. No point in BSing about it. I’d like to believe I’m better read and better psychologically prepped then again who doesn’t?

Have a journal up and and getting some prep work done after a setback in OCT. Already discussing the thought process and preparation in detail.

And you?

I already saw some posts already. Even the discussion about price action divergence. Sounds really interesting.

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Where did you get the homework though?

I saw the video as well and the homework there was a bit different. Plus how or where did you get that picture for the homework?

So are you new to trading? or experienced and profitable?

i am 7 years experienced and profitable yes :slight_smile:

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Bearish - Internal Range Liquidity & Market Structure Shifts

Do your Backtesting and find those Setups in your own charts. Use the 5m, 2m and 1m timeframe. The more you will practice, the easier for you to spot in the future.

Friday no trading day…

Have a great weekend!



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Really been enjoying his new stuff. Very concise for him. Packed full of good content.

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Yes a lot more direct and to the point .
Really love the entries on the FVG after liquidity has been grabbed on the EQH just on the wick .
Also the FVG entry , buy position prior in video 3.
The gloves are off