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Hello all,

I have been watching all the ICT Videos, in order starting with the thread, "What everynew trader still wants to know - then “millionaire traders guild” and there should be some Forexmas videos, however I believe there is only two at the moment.

The thing is, I started watching the first one and then moved on to the market mapping one, and it started talking about different types of entry eg. ICT Stinger?

I’m thinking have I missed something, I cant interpret a video if i’m not sure what these patterns, or indicators are.

Also on Michaels youtube account, there are lots of other video’s but I have no idea what order to watch them in.

I want to work through them methodically, is there a list anywhere?

Thanks in advance.

Well, apparently, you haven’t watched all the videos on the “What Every New…” thread. If you had watched the video titled “How Pros Use Indicators”, you would have seen a “stinger” set-up illustrated (at about 20 minutes into the video).

Before you tackle the 110 videos in the YouTube index, go back to the list of 28 videos in the What Every New… thread, and finish watching those. This time, take detailed notes on everything mentioned.

Then, when you’re ready to go through all the YouTube videos, you will find that they are listed in reverse chronological order (from newest to oldest). If you scroll to the end of the list (on the 4th page of the YouTube index), you will find the oldest YouTube video. If you want to be methodical, that’s the place to start. Then work your way back toward the beginning of the list.

Again, take notes. If you don’t do that, you’re pretty much wasting your time.

Thanks, I have actually watched them all, and been taking notes the whole way through, I even screen shot, and print slides to write on them. I must not have caught the stinger part.

But thanks for letting me know which one it is on, i’ll replay it; and thanks for your advice on the youtube videos.

ICT Stinger - Type 1 & Type 2 divergence

How professionals use indicators video at 21.00 mins
How Pros Use Indicators - Inner Circle Trader - YouTube

03/06/12 at 13.50 mins
InnerCircleTrader Market Review 03/06/12 - YouTube

03/26/12 at 09.00 mins
Inner Circle Trader’s Market Review 03/26/12 - YouTube

07/26/12 at 21.50
Inner Circle Trader’s Market Review 07/26/12 - YouTube

Thanks for taking your time to let me know.

Hi Peter, sorry to ask this of you but as both you and Clint have championed an amazingly catalogue of tutorials/abbreviations from ICT masterpieces on another thread! I thought I would approach you with my dilema…! : )

Very recently I was setting up my demo account using a resource where ICT explains how he formats his charts - only I didn’t save it! I have been trying to relocate it for the past serveral days without success and I thought I would ask you…!

Don’t worry if it doesn’t immediately spring to mind as hopefully someone esle will direct me to the correct post/tutorial…!

Thank you kindly, Jacqui

Jacqui, I’m guessing you mean the market mapping video where ICT set out key s/r starting with monthly and down to daily.

Starts at 14.00 mins here:

Inner Circle Trader - Market Mapping - YouTube

Reagrds- Peter

If not this one just shout - I have lots of notes and can probably id what you need.

Hi Peter, thank you for your reply…! Apologies, I feel really uncomfortable about asking, but now that you have invited me to, I shall attempt to be a little clearer! Unfotunately, my Demo account has malfuctioned so I cannot open it to reference. So from memory…What I had started to do was this:

I had uploaded a number of indicators onto my platform. And during the process I came upon a tutorial where ICT explained how he had his charts set up (D 4hr etc). I think he began with his Fractals on the Daily …at this stage I was sleepy and whilst shutting down I deleted the Video I was watching. And, I simply cannot remember which one it was having seen sooooo many…! It really is not that important for you to spend a disproportionate amount of time on this because I am still very much in the ‘newbee’ stage as you can tell, and I am sure I will come across it in time…! But as you are so familiar with his works I thought I would ask…! regards Jacqui : )

Could be this one - I see all the videos are off line - may come back online at some point in the future.

Since the other ICT threads are closed… did anyone record the live session tonight that was at 7?? I missed it, and would love to see it. If not, anyone have a summary? thanks.

I didn’t record it, but here’s a brief summary:

Michael began with market analysis: USDX and fiber. Regarding the recent breakdown in correlation between the fiber and cable, he referred to the EUR/GBP chart. Regarding the cable, he said currently has no opinion on direction.

On the topic of his recent trades in MyFxBook, he told those who hadn’t figured it out already that he’s been (1) doing ICT analysis exactly as he taught us to do, and then (2) instead of taking the trades indicated by the analysis, he has deliberately taken the opposite trades. He did this to shake off the parasites who were attempting to mirror his trades. Beginning now, he will trade the MyFxBook account straight-up, but he will not show entry and exit points on trades.

He remains totally confident that the 5K to 1M challenge will be met.

Michael is severing his ties with Babypips, because Babypips alleged that his MyFxBook activity, and his links to his MyFxBook account, constitute advertising. He will not be posting on Babypips in the future.

He has deleted all of his videos from Babypips, and he has shut down his YouTube account. (At the present time, ICT videos are availalbe only from certain individuals who have uploaded them to some other medium.) Michael will make the videos available again, in the near future, elsewhere on the internet, after he has scrubbed the Babypips advertising from them.

(He mentioned on his Twitter feed that he may be starting his own website. I’m not sure whether he also mentioned that in the webinar.)

Michael expressed his appreciation for those who have joined him on this 3-year Babypips journey, and to those who plan to follow him in the future. He said that he is not severing ties with us.

It looked to me like there were about 50 people logged into the webinar, and there was a question-and-answer period at the end.

Was it recorded?

Was it recorded? … not on this occasion…! best Jacqui

Morning Clint (at least it’s morning in Glasgow my friend)

Listen, I’ve never been ICT’s biggest fan. Whether that has been to my advantage or detrement is neither here nor there. Almost two years down the road of trading I’m still plodding along with a small micro account after burning my first account. But nevertheless, plodding along and surviving I am.

It is not my intention to get involved in a “flaming ICT for the sake of flaming ICT” battle, but there are a couple of points I’d like to raise about yout post that I have quoted above.

Ever since I have began looking at trading forex, one of the ‘constants’ I have read is for the need, nay, the vital importance of treating this like a serious, professional business if we ever hope to become successful in it. And I think you would go a long way to find some-one who disagrees with such sage advice.

Now ICT is/was supposed to be a “serious, PROFESSIONAL” trader. Are we really then, and I mean REALLY expected to accept unquestionably, that a PROFESSIONAL trader, found genuine trade set ups and then INTENTIONALLY took the OPPOSITE side of those trades, (just to clarify, I mean a professional intentionally took LOSING trades) just to shake off anyone who might want to copy his trades ???

REALLY?? C’mon…and here was me naively thinking that the entire purpose of his endless stream of threads, videos and webinars was to accomplish the exact opposite of that. For years he’s been teaching you all to trade EXACTLY LIKE HIM.

As for intentionally taking losing trades to shake off paracites who were trying to mirror him, well I’m a taxi driver Clint. Does that mean I should stop putting oil in my taxi engine and let it blow up just to try to discourage undesirable passengers??? Hhhmm…I think we all know the answer to that.

As for ICT severing his ties with babypips, setting up his own website, but don’t worry, he’s not severing his ties with us…well of course he’s not severing his ties with you guys…he’s got a website to set up …and for that to be a success he needs…you guessed it…traffic and you guys are it !!!

Long ago I used to read a lot about internet marketing and how any successfu internet marketing campaign takes a long time to build up a loyal customer base. This whole thing to me has always made me think of that. He no has some of the most loyal customers around. And while he “may not” be selling anything as such on his new website, you guys will be unwittingly performing your task to the letter just by turning up and being “traffic”

It’s been one of the best internet marketing campaigns I’ve ever seen.

no he’s never taught anyone to trade exactly like him. he gives you a hammer some nails and a board and tells you to build your own way to trade.

the haters are just as bad as the fanboys just keep things going. maybe worse because they keep talking stuff they dont know about

So 28 instructional videos with precise entry tactics like OTE levels etc are just “hammers and nails” Iya?


I was never a fan, but never a hater, just could never understand the obsession. But now with what looks as though it looks like we are now all going to be subjected to a never ending onslaught of “Gone but we still love you” threads about to appear, maybe it’s time a few of us left babypips for good.

Hammers and nails my backside

is it really that hard to skip these threads? really? you guys get all hot and bothered over no big deal lol. the newbies think ICT just handed them the key to financial freedom they get excited. I’m sorry at least be empathetic you guys do the exact same thing. get emotional over nothing then run off at the mouth.

then talk all this “stuff”(because im not allowed to use cuss words on an adult forum(even when they’re starred anyway)) about things you didnt even watch or read. or really have any idea whats going on.

You’re right of course, us guys didn’t watch or read or have any idea what was going on with the whole ICT frenzy.

But I’ll tel you what we DID watch Iya, I’ll tell you what we ALL watched, fanboys and haters alike.

We all watched the very public explosion (or implosion, you decide which you prefer) of the account of A PROFESSIONAL trader, using the hammers and nails trading methods you lot all swear by, seemingly on an intentional basis.

Then we watched him throw the toys out of the pram when the PEOPLE WHO ACTUALLY OWN THIS WEBSITE, decided he had contrvened one of THEIR rules. Deleted all his videos, left all his threads , took his ball home and doesn’t want to play with anyone ever again. Until he starts his own website that is, when he’ll want you all back again.

Equally though, the inability of “us guys” to leave these types of threads, is more than matched by “you guys” who spring to his defence everytime someone so much as farts in his direction.

Bottom line in trading Iya is this, where are all the success stories using these methods? Where are all the acolytes (devotees) fxbook accounts showing their fantastic successes using these methods? Where’s his own blindingly brilliant fxbook showing his success using his own methods. Where’s the MONEY?

Interesting about the website… He said that that was not the intention… Well, the way it went, it looked like he was trying to separate a bunch of people from BP to follow him elsewhere… That is a standard set-up of common scammers (not saying that he is, just that scammers work like that) and he knows that…

If the Scam scenario continues: he will probably charge money to shake off even more parasites (so money is needed to become part of the inner circle) and than he builded an extra income. Or it continues with account management (give me your money and I will trade it for you for a fee!) that (if he is a scammer) will abruptly stop…

If he is just trying to get an extra income, well fine by me… If it pays off for the subscribers, let him… He invested enough time in it to build up a community around him.


  1. I will leave BP and it is cut in stone (making people think about: what then!)

  2. I communicate via twitter, myfxbook and my livestreams (separation)

  3. I am counter traded to shake of parasites (promoting exclusivity of his entries and as people don’t want to be seen as parasites, they will cheer for that.)

  4. I am thinking about starting my own website (Completing separation and follow up on 1)

  5. [Scam scenario:] There are still too much parasites to my liking, I will charge a fee to identify the serious among you so that we can really start off.