Can someone explain what happened to ICT and Michael.His thread was the best since sliced bread.
Cheers Stefan

He, for whatever reason, traded like a complete oaf (for all to see) and lost credibility (to all but a few fanboys) as a competent trader.

Massive flame-wars ensued and the mods stepped in to control the chaos.

In despair, he deleted all of his youtube vids and is now standing on the ledge of a bridge contemplating his future…

ok the last part I made up :27: except for the deletion of the youtube vids :wink:

I sincerely hope that he reads a book on money management and ends up turning his account around; I don’t like sad endings.

[B]The baker finally ran out of yeast.[/B]

Now you can take this opportunity to actually learn something worthwhile that won’t confuse the hell out of you.
Take a nice leisurely stroll & pop into Captain Currency’s 3 Ducks thread.
At the very least you’ll learn how to quickly & efficiently recognize & detemine a logical means to assess the potential of engaging in the market with a pretty high probability of actually pulling some profit out of it.

You certainly won’t have to second guess your bias or untangle a myriad of confirmatory nonsense to place a bet.
Neither will you have to waste any more of your valuable time snoozing through rambling monologues interspersed with juvenile sniper gun clips.

71 posts and the 5 ive seen have been about ICT. dont lose that myfxbook link thalia 7% of your time is dealing with ICT. that we know of anyway.

Thalia, amongst a couple of others on here, had him well sussed a long while ago.
You don’t need to be a brain surgeon to work out clowns like him are always on borrowed time.

Thing is though Thalia’s advice to newbies is spot on.
Andy Perry has been here virtually since this place kicked off.
His structure is based on pure logic & common sense & is a fantastic framework from which to base your trading on.

No fancy frills
No histrionics
No over-excited fanboys dribbling all over the forum posting up horrendous debits on their accounts
No in-fighting between thread participants.
Basically, a very well established & supported thread inhabited by adults possessing common sense & an eye for quality information.

Have you seen Andy flouncing off the forum twice with his bat & ball under his arm like some drama queen, frantically deleting his content left & right?

Have you witnessed Andy losing his composure on here ranting & raving about how great he is & how much shock & awe he’s going to bring down on everyone?

When someone asks a rare question related to his material & he replies via video, does it take him an average of an hour to address it?

He’s even got someone (medisoft) providing documented evidence of his progress, & unless I’m very much mistaken he hasn’t had to trudge through nearly 3 years of very confusing content, most of which is totally irrelevant to turning a profit to post those impressive results either.

If the truth be told all of the drama queens students would be far less stressed & much more solvent if they were trading 3 Ducks.

I have to say, watching the trade tracking thread (million dollar challenge or whatever) go into meltdown was hugely entertaining.

Neither does he have to rely on the services of another forum member to initiate a seperate thread for the sole purpose of translating all his ridiculous jargon into plain english so folks could understand what he was talking about.

That really was a very bizarre & comical event. It was also another example of his unecessarily complicated content.

One of the most respected, intelligent, and clear speaking individuals on the forum. Clint not ICT.

The strange thing about ICT was that at every possible trade entry point you could use one of two of his methods. One would say go short, and the other would say go long. No wonder why his ‘historical’ screenshots were always showing what ‘would have been done’. I dunno…all seems a little strange now, a shame really!

you’re right. thats why you take them in line with the higher time frame market structure.

Yup, that is having the advantage of having more tools. I noticed it as well and asked for the system to use to understand which tool should be used when… That was not there…

the forum has this pantomime play out regular as clockwork.
& now the latest postulating princess comes & goes.

it’ll all settle down in due course ready for the next performer to hitch up their wagon & off it’ll go again.
the only sure fire guarantee to all these episodes is they always end in tears & tantrums!

you’re very welcome akeakamai :slight_smile:

doesn’t really take very much figuring out though does it.
these ego fuelled supertraders generally exhibit similar behavior traits.
such occasions are the only worthwhile reason for popping one’s head round the corner these days.

and all this wonderful gold dust that has been sprinkled upon one & all over the past 3 years should at long last have propelled your deeply red colored trading account well into the green I presume?

I’m newbie and dont know anything bout difficult problem.

But one thing i’m sure, i will always believe with ICT, with his huge contribute for me to learn fx :slight_smile:

Gold dust you say dancat. Now there’s an interesting description.

Akeakamai should have been extremely well versed in huddlestone’s gold dust which, you would have thought, would have rocketed him ahead of the other students & into profit very soon after he began presenting it.

After all, the brunt of his approach revolves around;
Support & resistance/directional bias
The prior day & week high-low
The average daily/weekly range &
A simple 1-2-3 entry trigger.

Now…I wonder where I’ve seen that combination presented before!

Ah yes of course, it was all right there in front of his shiny little nose over [B]two & half years[/B] before huddlestone even appeared on here courtesy of the Technical Templates crew.

And funnily enough that very template & framework was the core base from which Carll, Kevan Reynolds & catcher managed to engineer an opportunity to put themselves into a position of establishing a business relationship with said crew that is now flourishing & paying very impressive financial dividends.

All 4 had full access to the material & the posters the whole time they were here.
3 of them kept a low profile (contributing 200 posts between them during their time here), got their heads down & worked smart.
The other 1 spent his time nattering & jawing away chasing shadows all over the shop.

I don’t know about you, but it always raises a smile when I see some of these long termers stamping around the forum snipping at folks acting the big guy :slight_smile:

Don’t hate the ‘long termers’ we are just trying to cleans you of the idle pageantry which is intraday trading :stuck_out_tongue:

Don’t forget about james.

and TRO…:wink:

Ha! I can’t believe I forgot about that guy. I think he was the last guru I bumped heads with repeatedly. His thread was shut down too and he got banned if I recall correctly.

I should go into business. Forget Ghostbusters, I’m launching Gurubusters!

Please excuse my ignorance people, but now two threads have been mentioned here that I haven’t heard of before.

3 Ducks and Technical Templates.

Any info appreciated :slight_smile: