Why the hate for ICT?

Exactly that. Have to filter out the waffle but some absolute gems in his free content.

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A lot of “mentors” selling courses are just rehashing his stuff. IML especially.

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Anybody who hates ICT, does not know how to apply it, PERIOD!!!


Oh wow NNFX existed with the help of ICT! That’s kinda cool.

Nice must add to this to my podcast list thanks for this :+1:

It’s here. You just have to do a little digging

not exactly. they trade nowhere the same

NNFX just had some interest sparked by him

NNFX- algos

ICT - complete opposite

it is weird ICT turned off all his comments though in his YT vids.

Not a fan of him personally.

He knows his stuff, but I don’t like his approach. Thinking he created the whole of smart money concepts.

He can’t face the fact that there are people out there that have taken his content and made it more understandable and that they are better traders than he is.

He was here too but deleted his content I think? So not far off from disabling comments. Not sure though, older members here have encountered him during his time here.

He did a YT video with a crypto trader where he said he has bipolar. And it the past, I think when he was here, that got the best of him, I’ve watched a couple recent videos from his mentorship. He said he wanted to make something he could teach to his daughter, so he’s keeping it more simple than in the past.

Yeah I’ve heard that too - probably true.

Yeah he is fairly open about his struggles with mental health. All that is an aside to me though. If you take those principles and work on them to get your own results and data then the proof is in the pudding. If it doesn’t work for you then find something that does.

This is actually a very good summing up.

Is this the guy we’re talking about ?

"OTE Pattern Recognition Series - Vol. 01 - YouTube

Don’t know much about him - but

a) - He seems to have some ideas worth listening to
b) - He seems to be selling “Mentorships” ? - THAT is ALWAYS A RED FLAG - to me !

He does sell mentorships but not like loads of them to anyone who asks

I think the most recent “mentorship” on YT is free, designed to be something his daughter could learn from. So maybe more basic than his regular stuff. But it’s still free.

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yeah looks good

That on his YT channel page or a website?

Rarely opens up the mentorships. I have waited over a year.

Ah I’ve heard people mention it here, but I couldn’t find it anywhere on the channel.