If you wanna become in future a day trader help me pls

Hi guys, i have one question,thats why i made this topic. This question is for those people who want to become in the future day traders,who think they want to do this job as their main job.
The question is ‘’ If some1 will teach you during one year how to day trade,will give u all the suport needed and all the inside information,for ex;how to spot market maker limit orders,how to see where majority open trades and so on, and in one year you will become profitable day trader,will you work for that person to trade HIS capital for next 2-3 years? Profits will be devided 50/50 . But you MUST make at least 50% profit each month from small account 10-15k ,of course HE will teach you during one year how to do it.
So will you spend one year learning and then working for him next 2-3 years?
The reason why i am asking is because i am thinking with my boyfriend to make passive income from trading,wanna find people who are willing to dedicate themself to this.
Before answering ,please also write the country you are from.

For exemple; Yes i could do this. Germany.
Best regards Sergiu. :slightly_smiling_face:

You need a good broker to trade. If the broker is not good, there are many problems. It is best to trade with a broker whose service is good and reliable.

yes i know all details. All i want to see is the answer from people to my question :wink:

I would not do this: having two people involved in one account can get complicated I assume. Humans are naturally greedy so I also assume that there will be some set backs and shady things going on. Secondly, how big is a small account to make 15k a month?

So in conclusion; I would not do this
And if you must know I am from the UK

People who dream to become profitable day traders,who want to achieve their dreams,must take some risks like hard work,less time spend with loved ones wich will lead to break up,no social life for a year or 2,same as i did in the past,there is no other choice.Unfortunately we wont get a thing for free in this life …

Anyway thanks for your answer :slight_smile:

I am from the UK and I would do it. However, I am fascinated to know just why anyone who can do this themselves would want to spend a year training somebody they don’t know how to do it themselves and give them 50% of the funds. It goes like this:
You have a £10K account and you know you can make 50% per month. I am sure you have a lot more than £10K because you are offering a year’s free training AND £10K of your own capital at risk of newbie decisions.

Month Capital
1 10K
2 15K
3 22.5K
4 33.75K
5 50.62K
6 75.93K
7 113.9K
8 170K
9 256K
10 384K
11 576K
12 864K

Take 50% of this money to pay yourself for the last twelve months and rinse and repeat. That is a salary of £36K per month. By the way, if you are doing this with £10K it is no extra effort to do this with £20K or £500K, so why do you wish to train others to do it?

Just curious


I am tired of trading,me and my boyfriend decided to make passive income for us from trading,i mean to learn others how to ,and then they will trade for us.
Statistics says that 80 percent of scalpers or day traders cant do this kind of job all their lifes,they get tired after 3-5 years. I thought its not about me,but the truth is all day traders get tired in 3-5 years. Thats the reason. And by the way i have no idea how you calculated your numbers they dont show realitty. I am ready to risk to explain everything i know about day trading to 5 people during one year,thats my risk,but in return i want to make for myself passive income thats the goal. I also know that people are different,one guy last year left me,i used to work with him,but in the end he left me,but i leave this to GOD,i believe GOD sees everything :wink:

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I agree. That is why he gives us the gift of critical thinking and reasoning to ask the right questions :slight_smile:


These are your numbers, not mine. You said the newbie must make 50% per month. This is just the value of an initial sum of 10K compounding 50% every month. I guess if the newbie does not make the 50% target he doesn’t get to use the 10K capital the following month? If that doesn’t show in reality, then you are selling the dream that you cannot fulfill yourself. How do you expect to get anybody interested to spend (waste) their time learning from somebody who cannot demonstrate that they themselves can achieve the same minimum requirements?

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You calculated considering only math,thats why i said it does not reflect reality.
And yes we all must be able to make each month 50 percent profit from small account.
Anyway i make this topic just to see what people think of this. But i really want to make this real in near future.

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Day trading is not for everyone. If you are a newbie, I think you should start with other trading strategies before you start to day trade. You need to obtain some market experience before you risk your money in the market. Just learn to trade before you enter the market.

First of all, a broker can help me make money. If I don’t choose the right broker with the strategy, trading will be very difficult. With this, I have to maintain discipline and plan.

Being a good trader is not a one day job, it requires a lot of hard work and dedication. You can practice on the demo account, it will give you a clear idea about how trading works.

I have to gain profit in a compounding way. If the trader trades without giving up greed, the profit will be a bit complicated. So I should give up negative emotions and trade.

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Have you been getting any positive response? Wondering whether people willingly share their profits.

Nope I won’t. Why would I share my profit with someone?
We humans are so flaky by nature isn’t it?

One of the reasons I chose forex was because I don’t wanna be answerable to anyone. The same goes for trading crypto, you are the king of your decisions. Had it been trading stocks…Maybe I would have answered your question.So, a no to the idea.

You may wish to review the teachings of “The Secret” or abundance. What you give freely with no expectation of any payment in return will return to you three times over. What you give away begrudgingly will never be returned.

You only have to spend a few minutes on this forum to realize there are many members who are selfless and give freely of their time with the only satisfaction being that they may have helped another human being understand a matter that they struggle to understand. I hope that keeping 100% of your profits brings you the joy in life that you seek.


Yes l would do this lm in Zimbabwe