If you were to put $100K into trading, which broker will you go for?

Apologies if is against forum rules to post similar post as I have.

Which broker will you choose and why?

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LMAX , reputation.

TD365, a London based regulated broker who have fixed spreads.

I don’t think the amount should matter.

If some broker is untrustworthy, why would you do anything with them?

Try this thread.

I guess the bigger the amount, the more the concern

I can take a $1000 loss if the broker runs away… a $100k is harder to swallow

Well, I have used Forexchief for three years now. Almost $21k in deposit. They never joked with my money, so yes, I can definitely put more with this broker. Bitcoin withdrawal is fastest.

I have been using turnkey forex, started with $500 a year back and going strong day by day. Withdrawals has never been a problem.

Funny enough, I’ve just gone from part-time strategy to full-time, which has led me to shop around in terms of brokers. Ultimately, I’ve landed with Varianse. For me it came down to spread and customer service (they actually pick up the phone and work things through with you) as I have begun to size up positions. They also have a modern cTrader platform, which works well for me as I am largely a manual trader.

You will never know whether a broker is worth trusting or not if you don’t test them on your own. You can use small amounts to do the testing.

FPA can help you find the reliability of the broker you are planning to use.

Do check the broker’s customer support team along with other features. If it’s helpful, you can consider using them.