I'm looking for a best forex broker with high leverage of 1:1000

I’m good with trading fundamental analysis I need to upgrade to 1:1000 leverage.

At XM you have 1:888 leverage.

But, pay attention to one thing:

The way you are talking leave me scared. Please, save your money and keep on demo account. If you guess you are ready to a real account, be sure to start with few money and begin feeling your emotions while trading. If you were able to keep one month profitable, in this case, I will recomend you growth your account and maybe your leverage. Be careful with it, this is really dangerous !

I hope could help you.
Have good trades !

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No fundamental analysis can beat random volatility moves but it seems you aim to run into precisely this difficulty. Be patient if you want to trade in profit and control the risk you take.


Is it even possible to be good at trading with funnymentals?

Even the great Jim Rogers says he’s the world’s worst trader and he’s all fundamental trader

i just think its a shame they have to be best too

Fbs has leverage up to 1: 3000, however you can lower 1: 1000 as you wish.
recommend, do not ham high leverage, as long as the market liquidity is negative, the negative account is normal

Be careful, too high leverage is not a sign of a good broker.

I would recommend you to use a leverage about 1:500 as a max cause using 1:1000 is high risk and most of them that provide turn out to be a scam.

If your looking for a broker with 1:500 FP Market are a better choice, cause their commission is low and Spreads are low as well.

I personally wouldn’t be interested in brokers that offer higher than 1:500. That’s more than enough if fully used to make decent money with a solid strategy but with news alone I’d be very careful. In my experience a lot of brokers that offer more than 1:500 aren’t favourably reviewed. Choice is yours though at the end of the day.

Agreed they’re encouraging gambling and unsafe trading practices

Very wise words thank you

I agree 1:1000 is quite too much. It is high risk. Even I feel, up to 500x leverage as a max is fine and you’ll find many other popular brokers offering 500x today like octafx, turnkey forex, tickmill, lqdfx.

In fact, according to the rule, only professional traders can use a maximum leverage of 400, while more than 400 is very dangerous and you need to have more experience in trading.

with higher leverage your risk will also increase, be smart while choosing the leverage for trading.

Grand Capital

These all offer high leverage and low spreads, with an aim to let the traders earn more. I have been using Oanda for over a year. They both offer a user-friendly web trading platform and a quick account opening and trading process with no minimum deposit. They also have powerful research tools with several technical indicators along with API offers.

Wow, that’s a hell of a lot of leverage! What do you need that much for if you don’t mind me asking?

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Use a max of x500. You don’t need that much. I use Tenkofx, they offer 1:500, but I don’t use that much.

there are many brokers with high leverage - a lot of them

I think, FBS has the most leverage 1:3000 and it’s also pretty good.

You will surely find a broker offering you high leverage of 1:1000, but do remember you are also exposed to high risk. Be careful, only fundamental analysis won’t help you so much in making profits.