Indices ,Stocks, and PriceAction

he makes billions in his sleep lol

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Hopefully we’ll have some good setups tonight on the indices.

hopefully. $TSLA holding 1000 for now

Please do share, and give your reasons like you used to :+1:

A review of the Nasdaq chart I posted this morning.

This morning.

End of Day.
The buy order worked.

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Some area’s I’m looking at for the indices.







US30 trade I have entered this morning.


nice, im thinking it’ll be a green day for Indices

$TSLA with a hugeeee gap up again

Really taking off.

savage man. i like trading $AMD $NVDA and $AAPL too

Dow pushing!

Yes, so far so good. Have my SL at BE.

do any of you use fibs retracement?

I don’t. I don’t use any indicators.

But nothing wrong with using them. Just I like trading with out them.

Fib is the only indicator I want use, cause today I got a $500 lost selling gold. I believe if I had used the fib I would have noticed that it was a retracement not reversal.

Post your chart, let’s take a look at it.

post up a pic of ur entry and exit, maybe we can help out

also, mad i didnt take that Oil trade at 81. shot up to 82.6 lol. i would have sold before 82, but still thas 1K lol