Indices ,Stocks, and PriceAction

Gold Daily. Got above 1800 and didn’t look back. Looks like we have room to 1840 area. On watch Sunday night

Silver Daily. Got above 24-24.1 Res. Could see 25 early next weekScreen Shot 2021-11-05 at 3.54.43 PM

So I had a EA trading today, started it last night. Even had it trading during the NFP and all day today. Going to test it a little more but here are some trades from it.

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interesting, ive never looked into EA trading. let’s see how it goes

Yea, I’m going to adjust a couple more settings. See how it goes. May set it up to run on some other indices.

Is it trading your strategy? I’m intrigued.

No, it’s one I happened to stumble upon. Then set up a demo and let it run. I adjusted a few settings for stop loss and then trailing stop once in profit.

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Here is my trade from Friday at NFP release.

Man talk about missing a move, but made my 50 points on a 5 Lot so I walked away happy. But will set up another trade next month’s NFP release.

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Just marked some zones up for this coming up open. Nothing special, I’ll look to buy or sell around these zones.







still made good money on it brother! we always say to ourselves: look how much i could have made if i caught the entire move" lol. not 1 trader out there that doesn’t think that after closing a position

Here is the weekly roundup for Indices and Stocks.


Like I mentioned in the post earlier in the week, really chased this after it closed well above my entry line.






$NVDA and $TSLA been absolute beasts. Due for a pullback soon. The question is where lol… new week Fam, good luck to everyone this week!

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Indeed. I’ll review some stocks tomorrow morning and see if there is anything I like.

May even let the EA run on a couple.

EA must be legit then :joy:

Not sure. Only ran it Friday. But looking to see how it does.

Still testing EA? Or going to let it run w real money?

Just testing, I probably won’t run it with real money till next week.

$TSLA with a huge gap down:Screen Shot 2021-11-08 at 5.21.34 AM

US30 on the rise again

$AMD what a savage. Was going to scalp it from 138-140 for a couple hundred but man, had no idea it would run close to 154Screen Shot 2021-11-08 at 2.20.56 PM