Indices ,Stocks, and PriceAction

Where I’m looking to buy today for US30. Missed a good one last night but was watching a movie with the wife.


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$NVDA gapping up brother. 322

That think is crazy right now.

$AMD gapping up too

Had a sell order at 36280 with TP at 36210. Which worked out.

Now have a Buy Stop at 36210. SL at 36180. TP at 36280.

Also now have one set at 36310 with SL at 36280.

Hi, this is some software Ive written over the last year to view the relationship between difference instruments, allows you to basket them and create new relationships that normally dont exist.

Very nice looking. I don’t do any basket trading. Actually don’t pay much mind to correlations whether they’re positive or negative.

Crude above 84 again whoaa

Here are my charts from the two US30 trades today. 1 win and 1 lost.

First one was a nice win.

The second one, ended up bouncing off my zone, but stop was a little too tight.

yeah happens to me all the time with tight stops. pain in the arse

minor support near .915. def think it can hit .91 tomorrow

$TLSA held 1000 hmm… with $NVDA watchign to see if 300 becomes Res

Nice. The US30 took off at open. Think it’s back down now.

I’m off tomorrow so hoping to get my backtesting done.

One backtest is testing support and resistance with using candlestick patterns. Working pretty good so far actually.

I have also started another backtest for the open at 930 as well.

And one for using the high and low at pre-market. Like a breakout strategy.

nice looking forward to it

can you trade $DKNG? nice downtrend its been in, could be an easy short. i’m looking to open a position, could even be a swing

No, not on our list to trade with FTMO. I’ve had to pull back on stocks really. Just hard to watch them and all the Forex pairs I trade.

Also why I’ve only focused on US30 lately.

yeah trust me, i know what you mean lol. i don’t like being in too many positions at once, even with stops in lol

tried to post a picture of Daily Crude Oil on my tablet but it won’t let me lol. Anyway, bearish engulfing candle

Edit: Let’s see if this works

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Look at you being all IT savy. Lol