Iron fx withdrawal issues

Iron Fx facing withdrawal problems. Unfortunately they can not pay my money 6 weeks. I have written for FCA and Cysec as well. the amount is really small 1345 USD. I have heard they going to be bankrupted soon, cause they have fired 200 worker. Thats why i would like to inform everybody, not deposit money with Iron Fx. If you are in the same situation, you go to the fca ombudsman and cysec to make complaint. First try to withdraw any ammount, and you can experience they will make hard time to get your money.

On FPA forum i have found a video while[B] Zoltan Nemeth[/B] Speaking the hungarian office leader for a guy, who won too much money.

I am dissapointed. They became a bucket shop, i am sorry the look liked professional broker with good service till January.

What proof do you have which reveals that you indeed are having issues with withdrawing with ironfx? Over the internet, many people “claim” things, but provide no proof to support their claim. It would nice to see the proof.
As for the youtube video which you have posted, in no way shape or form is their proof that the person’s voice is that of a rep fromIronfx.

It is crazy… not a big ammount. i know already 23 guys in my country. This has been sent via email for everybody. After i have started to withdraw and i am waiting 18 days, no withdrawal, just excuses, please give new statement, new credit card copy, go to your bank ask verification bla bla… make us mad. Forex Peace Army lots of complaints as well… and everywhere forexmagnates comments below iron fx…

Thank you for providing us with the information which you have, yet it doesn’t tell the entire story. In most cases, prior to withdrawing some brokers require some sort of verification. My question is have you completed verified your account?

Dear cristiano ronaldo. you have heard they have fired 200 worker and i have heard that they fired 2000! rumours on the grapevine is exactly what this is. i am trading with ironfx at the moment and they informed me last week that they launched a new platform. this means they are capitalised. i really think you should take what you hear with a pinch of salt. well done for reporting to the regulators - they are there to protect you. if you are not a hedger or an abuser of their promotions, then they should pay you. my withdrawals are working fine.

IronFX Stopped my withdrawal they declined it without any reason, when i go online and check there are lots of complaints about withdrawal everywhere, someone asked me to check my inbox for love letter from IRONFX (about a typical investigation email they are sending to all clients) then the love letter was there in my inbox i was surpirsed to see that. its already 2 months they holding my money.
Please people search for bad reviews online before trying any broker then invest your hard earned money. there are hundreds of clients scammed by IRONFX. i m thinking now why i dint study online about brokers before investing. i m so sad

Did any one of you got a bonus on your deposit? if you think you didn’t please check your account history to see whether a bonus was added. Also, how did you deposit the money to IronFx? Moneybookers? Credit card? etc.

I mean from the headquarter they have fired, i did not count the several offices, but they have closed the London office what they have opened recently.

If a broker launch new platform does not mean they have been capitalised at al… if they a white label, they do not have to pay even 1 USD.

The problem the most of the traders struggling to get back their money, which is not acceptable, even if they bonus abused or not. If you give a promotion you take risk as a B Book broker, if it is profitable you kepp giving if i is not you do not give anymore and you have to pay your clients.

In fact, they are really scamming.

I think what happened to the CHF back in January really hurt them bad, but I could be mistaken.

you might wanna read this… Iron Fx Scam Warning | Broker Reviews | Forex Peace Army - Page 2

The problem is: the bonus strategy they call now “abusing” or “illegular” [B]was all right, as long as it yielded them profit[/B]. There wasn’t any problem with it. DISGUSTING.

And suddenly they woke up to the fact that the bonus traders win more than they lose and guess what: suddenly [B]they became enemies, “abusers”[/B] , [B]“irregular” traders. [/B]

Fair rules for trading isn’t it?
Their philosophy is: [B]clients are created to lose their money to IronFx[/B]. If they try to win: they will find the way to capture, persecute, kill them financially one or another way.

Traders are “highly inspired”, even rewarded for losing to IronFx, as in that case they are given more and more additional bonuses. [B]Account managers have DIRECT, BASIC INTEREST IN CLIENTS’ LOSING [/B]as they are paid comission after the difference of deposits and withdrawals made under them. If deposits are less than withdrawals they earned no comission that month. So [B]they agressively want the “nice”, newbie, losing client material.[/B] That’s it ladies and gentlemen!!

And Cypriot Prime minister gives his name to this…

Is this one of the bonus abuser case? or you just havent verified your account because as you mentioned they have required some documents from you which from my point of view it doesnt look like excuses but necessary documentation.

Hey all,
I’ve been having trouble as well. My account is also quite small and I tried to withdraw £400. My account is verified, (driving license, utility bills) and I opened it during their Power Bonus phase. I made a small profit and looked to withdraw it via bank transfer. This was late thursday 9th and they still haven’t processed it.

I tried to run a withdrawal through the credit card I funded my account through, no dice. I’m not a terribly happy bunny right now.

As mentioned in another threat i have contacted them and asked a lot of questions as i am currently a demo user and need to find out if they are a scam broker or it is just rumours, they told me that you need to withdraw your initial deposit amount with the same method and the rest through bank wire. So for your case as i understand you needed to withdraw first with credit card (they told me it can take about 5-7 business days) and then with bank wire. Have you discussed it with them? If yes what was there response ?

I had some issues recently even though i didn’t have in the past and i have been advised the same to withdraw with credit card and then with bank wire so i did and it seems that everything worked for my deposit.

Sorry amigo, missed that thread. I spoke at great length with a number of customer service drones who told me that Power Bonus abuse was causing a slow down. I finally landed a sympathetic and pro-active guy who seemed to have got my transaction moving and account manager into the frame.

This morning my bank transfer was processed and declined. My account manager called by phone and asked me to try a credit card transfer. So, although he didn’t specifically mention the limits you spoke of this does seem to be the rule. He said he would try to fast track it but I’m resigned to another long wait. Hopefully it will be ok in the end. Thanks for the heads up.

TLDR; It could just be that they are mildly incompetent and very inefficient. 5 days to do a money transfer? Meh.

if it would be 5 days i would be and my friends the happiest clients on the planet.
9 weeeks and we did not get back money from ECNSTP account all of the doc verified. This is a **** scam broker, NEVER SEND MONEY THERE.

Tritium3016 No worries mate i hope you will get your money back and it was just a misunderstanding. Please let us know with the outcome of the transaction. 5 days for credit or bank withdraw i think is ok isnt it like this for everything ?

I’m new to this stuff and assumed that since any random person on the street can transfer money on the phone and have it done in one day that a financial institution could accomplish similar feats :slight_smile: Plus the initial funding rule was not made known to me, or I missed it. My transfer via credit card in the end took about a day two days. Perhaps my incessant complaining bumped me up the queue, perhaps it was because my account manager was involved.

In the end it seems that IronFx were tied up with dealing with a lot of bonus abuse and things slowed to a crawl. Their customer service team are pretty much a by the numbers group, I was lucky to talk a proactive one. In the end my money came through so that’s good.

I should have also made more use of my account manager, my old one had left so I didn’t know who my new guy was and didn’t think to get in contact until quite a few days passed. I hope this all helps, and alleviates some of the FUD that floats around these badly communicated situations.

I am glad that you took your money back, seems afterwards that there are two sides of the story and they are not so bad after all