Is forex ambush 2.0 a scam?

I’m a newbie to forex and came across this forex ambush2.0 , purportedly, A.I forex thingy…and done some googling…and all seem to give good reviews about it…but i’m still skeptical about it esp. now it seems the creator(s) are singing a different tune wth stockassault…u know… giving negative light to FOREX when they created the whole forexambush 2.0, A.I thingy.

Just want to seek some input , advice, user experience (those who’ve used forexambush 2.0)…while reading up all I can in forex.

Thanks guys

No one tried it…or even heard of it b4?:frowning:

I get that you’re eager to trade forex. It’s a very noobish and expected thing to try to find the easiest most profitable way to trade forex. However, the fact of the matter is that if you don’t grab this by the reigns and figure out how to trade on your own, financial independence is only a wish.

Never trust anything that you don’t clearly understand when it comes to your finances. Know why you enter a trade, know when you’re going to get out of a trade.

Dear “master” kindly refer above,…[I]I am[/I] doing my homework [a bit head- scratching though, I have to admit. Downloaded some lessons from babypis’s ecourse . Thanks :slight_smile: but still trying to digest 'em]…and checking this forexambush 2.0 thing is part of it. That’s why I ask :slight_smile:

My guess is, aren’t those of us who ventured into forex are looking to, somehow, find the easiest most profitable way to trade forex, thus all the EA, forex robots reviews, etc.:stuck_out_tongue: Ok, hands-up those who want the most risky + least profitable route to forex :smiley:

Don’t get me wrong. I’m not against the use of EA’s. More power to those that use them. However, trading blindly is where I don’t dig it. It’s important to first understand the mechanics of a trade before diving into the market unsure of how and why an order was placed and why a trade was exited.

A lot of commercialized EA’s want you to adopt their religion and put nothing but faith into their robot. Balderdash! Imagine the anxiety of entering a trade and seeing it down 100 pips and you don’t know if there is an end in sight.

Contrast that now with the ideology that you are knowledgeable enough with Forex that you can trade profitably. It’s at that point should one ever entertain the idea of developing an EA based on whatever method they currently use.

All the best.


Everyone hope to find a consistent and profitable forex strategy and I’m not against the idea of using an EA. I agree with mastergunner that anyone who wants to trade forex should have the basics first because we do not want to follow a system blindly. From there, when you have gained some experience, you can build your own EA, which you already understand the mechanics, what and why you want to build it this way, because it suits your style of trading.

When it comes to Forex Ambush, I’m not very sure how it works but I can say there is a lot of hype in the market. So please be very careful. From what I see, they claimed to have a 100% accurate signals, I don’t know how true is it, but they will be slapping themselves if it’s false. One reason may be that the profit target they have for most trades are very small…ranging from 10 to 20+ pips. A lot of EAs in the market are targeting small profits so that they have the prove and testimonials to push up the success rate. Anyway, they are not using a healthy risk to reward ratio, which is opposite from my style of trading.

What are your views? Correct me if I’m wrong.


Those reviews are either A: affilliates trying to sell the EA and make a kickback, or B:Fake review sites set up to look like honest reviews.

I guarantee if you don’t learn the skill it takes to trade yourself you will fail by using EA’s. I don’t care who disagrees. Go ahead buy the EA, put your money in, then when you lose it come back here admit you lost it and try to learn to trade for real.

Why would anyone sell an EA that was consistently profitable? ( by consistently I don’t mean x number of trades in row, I mean profitable over years of change) They wouldn’t, they would set up a trading room with a dozen computer robots all using it and become rich.

Traders have to adapt to current market conditions. Live traders don’t trade the exact same way, with the exact same paramaters all the time. Even if they are using the same system. EA’s can’t reason and adapt to changing market conditions.

Like trading systems and expensive trading courses… there’s always a new EA around the corner… good call about the author now priming another package.

Take note that true AI has never really come about yet… so anyone using the term “AI” means pseudo AI… software can’t learn from itself YET.

Don’t worry guys, I understand what y’all meant. I am learning by the books and by ropes (:stuck_out_tongue: when I’m ready for a fake /simulated FREE account) …just curious about this forexambush 2.0 thingy. In fact I have not bought any EA, AI…lol anything pertaining to Forex till now. Well, not at least I get a notion of how it works and its nuances.

Cheerios :smiley:

PS. I think babypips seriously need more smileys. Lol, I got limited expressions here!

ForexAmbush is a previously free signal from zafro, you can get it at:[failed](http://www . hqfreesignals . com/failed . html)
Do the comparison you will see all signals are identical and HQF is the real source.
Now for the bad news, They use an auto-trade feature that hasn’t been closing positions. The system doesn’t use stop calls!!!

Instead of informing traders that the signal source shows a trade was ckosed and many, many traders were still in the position (long on the eur/jpy going on as of 10/31/09) they pretended as if there was just draw down.

As I became aware of the scam and found the source of their “signal” I saw the trade I am losing thousand on listed as a closed trade. When I brought this subject up I was booted from the chat room!!
After logging in through another computer, when I brought up the topic they did it again!
This is the worst, dirtiest, scam I have ever found in forex and believe me there are a lot.

Please see for yourself, go in the chat roms and ask about the eur//jpy ask for help and ask them to explain, you will be booted instantly realizing they are scammers and you get the same signal free, with IMPORTANT, a very clear end of trade posted!!!

Go in the chat rooms there are margin calls in the thousands every minute, when market opens Sunday, many accounts that were on the brink of MC will get it.

Please try to help others in the chat rooms, many are falsely long with an entry of 137.22 going for a 20 pip target, without a stop and we are at 135.55

All members mentioning the cover up are being banned from disclosing the truth. Try to warn members that the source of the signal show that trade as closed and they are in Margin call danger. The “staff” is simply telling people to hold on, knowing people are in a very bad situation.

What is more repugnant to me than repackaging free junk, losing thousands and thousands of dollars, is how they block members and people from their site just for informing others. The only verification I needed was posting the site of the signal, the closed trade times of the signals they falsely claimed were open and then, being instantly zapped. I get a I am banned message. Please help put light on these shysters.
I am also on Forex Peace Army, lets unite at all fx sites and prevent this company from doing more damage!!

Magic AI, signals LOL!!!
what a joke, most reviews on the internet for them are all positive!!!, try to leave a post!!
they are fake, when you submit it it as taken as a question, trust me more money has been lost with these guy this week, than all EA’s combined.
If you want to bet you whole account with no support, essentially they are inandated in the chat rooms with members who are distraught and in disbelief.
Many people went in long days after the signal closed, because FA did not have the integrity to admit the trade was closed thousand were lost.
I am still above MC, but not by much. The anount of margin calls have been staggering!!!
no pip loss means, can t not take one failure

The moment they deleted my inquiry few times when I needed them to answer some “pressing” questions…I sensed they were no-go…anyway that was over 1/2 year ago. Thank God I stayed away.

WE PASSED THE USD/JPY signal already!!! forget the EUR/JPY and FA!!!

Ticket Open Time Type Size Item Price S / L T / P Close Time Price Commission Taxes Swap Profit
9427449 2009.10.30 18:36 buy 1.00 usdjpy 89.975 89.994 90.175 2009.10.30 18:48 90.054 0.00 0.00 0.00 87.73
9426225 2009.10.30 16:37 buy 1.00 eurjpy 133.438 133.448 133.638 2009.10.30 16:46 133.448 0.00 0.00 0.00 11.04
9414714 2009.10.29 13:50 sell 2.00 eurjpy 134.779 0.000 134.579 2009.10.30 09:39 134.697 0.00 0.00 -1.31 180.29Wow, Thank you readers and babypip members!
FA, forexambush had to shut down the chat room. It is now invite only, we are a few hours from markets open. With many traders already margin called and the rest about to. They are blocking anyone who will inform members of the truth, they are hoping a target price from the last closed TWO signals will hit again before a margin call.

This group is as dishonest/inexperienced as I have ever seen. If you have been victimized by FA, please reply to the post with your email. Any member who addresses reality, will be banished from the site permanently.

Please also help spread the word about this company!
This incident is big, there are people getting mcd with over 10 standard lots!!

We need help exposing this scam and finding out who ran this
seems to be a first name or code name chats,
maybe Nora can explain, maybe shell banish you.

Members who simply ask, “what is going on?”, get banished!!
Can anyone advise please and help?

There are many good members that put false confidence in these guys.
If you thought of FA, forget that! How they claim 100% accuracy with almost 100% of members margin called!
By the way, my money management was more conservative than their conservative settings, the trade close was 570 pips in DD!!
People are Laying thousands and they are still lieing to us.
If they allow or invite you now ( thanks guys ).
Remember I can not post a link.
Forexambush can be had for free at HQF free trade signals!!
Had I known I could Have saved 8 grand and 97 bucks!

I have a friend who’s been using this software for a while and has not experienced the issues you’re referring to. I sent him your comments and he’s indicating there are no problems.

I know that your friend’s experience is a fortunate one. And while I had great results for a while with them. There has been very, very shady and unethical behavior.

I still get emails from members I knew in chats who were getting Margin called left and right. I could have bought a house in Malibu with the accounts I saw evaporate under the re-packaged signals.

If you want to try trading and expose your account to a margin call for 20 pips, please go ahead. But Sir, do that in a demo account!!! That is common sense. Please take my advice go into the chatroom and mention that you blew two accounts being margin called on the aforementioned pair (Eur/USD).

IMHO, learn to trade with indicators, news, stop losses, trailing stops, ichi-moku, Macd, risk management, realistic leverage, keep an open mind to new technology and indicators!!
FA is for newbies that can t trade, will do well with DD trades for a while and invariably will lose all. There is no stop loss!! So, you first bad experience with FA means…Blown Account! I made a few grand too with them before it happened, and believe me when it hapens you are removed from the site. Permanently!!!:o

Never ask another for you don’t want their screw ups on your hand. Always find out for your self. You can not trust some one you never met with your future ever. Anyone can place a robot to a chart and than first sign of a loss and disable it and tell the world how it sucks. But those who attach a robot to a chart with a demo account for a year and have the demo account start with $10000 and after a year you got $400000 so profit not thats a true test. And if you dont want to wait for a year do this open an acout with $10000 and set the robot to trade micro lots. Worst come to worst and you robot looses you a $100 in a month thats not a bad experience. You still have $9900. I bet you spend more at the bar and have a little more fun. How about this you buy 10 robots and atach each to a different chart and different curency and out of 10 only 6 become profitable and you make 600 but loose 400. You still 200 plus and gained all the experience managing all this. And who sais that you can’t every now and them place a manual trade to get your hands dirty. You could also open 10 different accounts at 10 different brokers and have each run a robot. That way you also try different brokers with different spreds and stuff. See or test out which one is the best. And yes you can have a $1000 dollar account and still be successful with it. You trade micro lots and set stops and you should be fine and not blow out your account in one day. What you gain is tons of experience which you cant at all gain from coming to forums and asking others. No one will ever give you an honest answer. One reason being is no one likes to mention all the faliurs and stupid mistakes they make while trading. They will allways try to glorify themselves. Good luck and good trading!

I agree with masterg, don’t buy or use anything you don’t completely understand, that will just end up in disaster. Forex is trading with your own money, putting it in hands of sth you don’t know is practically giving it away.

Ok at that moment I confirm what was said about Forex Ambush, I started my demo account with 50.000$ and it reached today 6000$ on EUR/JPY and went to chat about it and some minute later my auto trade signals authorization has failed!
so it looks like an ambush for users.:rolleyes:

Après des résultats encourageants en démo, je suis passé en réel avec Autotrade, en raison des horaires de réception des signaux non compatibles.
En 2009, le commerce reste ouvert 3 mois et S’est cloturé par un appel de marge.
J’ai repris depuis janvier et de nouveau un appel de marge.
L’absence de SL et la certitude de fermeture Dans le bénéfice toujours affirmée Sont des leurres.
De plus, de Nombreuses Demandes d’explications Sont toujours restées sans réponse.

Ok, yea. Your legitimacy drops when you only have a post count of 1 and this is your first post.

[B]High school French class was too long ago to be any help here.[/B]

So I decided to run this post through the Yahoo Translator, and the Google Translator.

It’s still unclear to me what this poster is saying. Anyway, here’s what came out of the translators:

[B]From Yahoo[/B] ( this is largely jibberish):

“After encouraging results in demonstration, I passed in reality with Autotrade, because of the schedules of reception of the noncompatible signals. In 2009, the trade remains open 3 months and S’ is fence by a call for additional cover. J’ began again since January and again a call for additional cover. L’ absence of SSL and the certainty of closing In the benefit always marked Are lures. Moreover, Many Requests d’ explanations always remained unanswered.”

[B]From Google[/B] (this makes a little more sense):

“After encouraging results in the demo, I went in with real Autotrade because schedules receiving signals not compatible. In 2009, the trade remains open 3 months and ended with a margin call. I have taken since January and again a margin call. The absence of SL and certainty of closing in earnings are always asserted decoys. In addition, numerous requests for explanations are still unanswered.”

C’est la vie.