Is forex really worth it

was talking to the mrs last night. i told her about finishing the babypips school but i still have to read and watch and paper trade. i can see she was happy but slightly worried that i am investing so much time and she asked me if it is worth it. told her it is but i do not have any thing to show for it. to you my experienced friends, how did you ensure that it is worth it


@mystic707 ,

I think it depends on why you’re doing it.

For me, I have my longer term goal which I believe is 100% worth it, is building account size. But my shorter term goal is to continue to improve my chart reading ability, placing trades, managing, all while maintaining a stress-free environment, :smiley:

I have found it to be a long and winding road that takes a tremendous amount of practice, patience and learning from many, many, many mistakes.

I can’t imagine going through this process if I didn’t truly enjoy certain aspects of it.

So deciding if it’s worth it… I guess one of the first things to consider would be stating your goal assessing if that goal achievement is worth being done through forex.

Good luck on the path!



It certainly is
I started my FX journey 3 yrs ago and I currently work a 3 day week in my old full time job!
This has a huge life benefit more time with my partner and our kids
I no longer feel work is mandatory and am way more relaxed of course the financial benefit too


This is something that I had to think about over the past week. Hahaha. :thinking: Tbh, I think it just depends on the person, your goals, and your own definition of success. :open_mouth: As for me, I’m still demo trading and I’ve already invested so much time on this. Even if I’m not yet profitable, I think forex is worth it because of the personal growth that it has triggered in me. :smile: Good luck @mystic707! :blush: I wish you find your answer eventually. :blush:


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Tell her time well spent will be worth it in the future. Some input now and in the long run means you will be able to work form home and spend more time with her :slight_smile:


It looks like you many practice forex outside of the forum. How about now?

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If you are able to put in the effort and the time to really learn things and dont rush in, then in the long run, yes, it is well worth it.

If you just want to trade and get rich quick then no, look for a ponzi scheme somewhere.


Trading is 100% worth it if you know what you are doing!


It can be a great opportunity to turn a profit


It is what you make it!!!


if you see a penny pick it up!!!

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keep on truckin, rome wasn’t built in a day. you will reap the benefits of your hard work in years to come


well said mate. i will share this thread with my wife and hopefully she gets 100% on board. i understand she is just worried i will lose all our savings.

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i am happy for you mate. you sound like it really changed your life. i hope to get there too someday.

thanks my friend. i am thankful for the answers. good luck with your trading too. but if it does not work, you still would have grown as a person.

that ought to convince her since she always wants to spend a lot of time together. it’s what i want too. thanks my friend.

i am actually new to this. i finished the school but i am still watching videos on youtube. how about you?

thanks for the advice mate. appreciate it.

It takes a while but if you keep at it of course it can be :slight_smile: