Is it Coming Home?

Of course it is!!! (answered my own question lol)

It’s already at home and tucked up in bed.

Not - u can always trust us English to make a mess of things at the last moment.

We are however the worlds best at Cheese rolling.

England under-perform because it doesn’t mean much to the FA or EPL for England to win.

The main aim is to get there and get the badge - after that just don’t lose badly; don’t take risks that mean maybe a big win or maybe a big loss; don’t look silly; above all don’t get injured - that affects your place in the EPL; and that means money.

A draw or a small loss is better than a big win which could have gone the other way. England are good at these targets because our football system doesn’t produce players with high levels of technical skill. In English football, an England goal in the 1st minute followed by 89 minutes of defending is a great win.

And don’t even get me started on Eurovision!

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SO correct about not having players of technical skill. We are not exactly playing Sunday league but even the so called greats like Beckham looked very average against European or South American players.

What we need to do is get the youth to play Futsal with no shoes on that will give them the technical skills they need.

Until we are truly proud to wear the shirt - and not obsessed at sleeping with page 3 and super models will we have a force to reckon with.

I was taken by surprise at our last game, not by how great we were but how uncharacteristically average the Germans were

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the usual cliché not enough creativity in midfield and this time around a suspect defence, This tournament has lacked a stand out team which is the usual case and with home advantage, may not have such a good chance for a long while

Italy has been the most surprising side to me.
There really is no dominant side in Euro football right now, it seems?
Belgium, France…all gone.

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At least bedding a page 3 and super models is a damn sight more aspirational than kicking a bloody football around a field. (In my humble opinion)

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ukraine 3rd tier football nation the proof in the pudding the next two games

Models are OK to date but there’s not much they can talk about and they wear you out.

We got the easy side of the draw so reaching the final is expected. We should be beating the easy teams anyway but I don’t think southgate will make the right decisions against anyone good.

May be. As im seeing it, it will be England vs. Italy final but in such a fight ill be on Italy`s side. :wink:

Backing the national team is really the only time we all come together - even the anti English BBC and Sky News appear to be on board.

It IS’NT deemed far right wing to fly the flag, and even those haters of anything English (and British) in the opposition seats of parliament have a wry smile.

Slimy politicians who have done their best to thwart our attempts to leave the EU, might secretly hate the English winning anything but even they know you have to support the sometimes farcical national team.

The most important thing is that it NATURALLY brings us all together - white kids from council estates in Huddersfield, inner city blacks from Lambeth, Asian youth from Preston, urban elites from Islington.

None of this is legislated and none of it can be credited to WOKENESS.

Just maybe this year the English will be celebrating success in a way we haven’t since Bucks Fizz won the Eurovision Song Contest

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Checked the bookies’ odds tonight. 4 to 6 on for an England win. That’ pretty short odds two matches from the decision. As a trade, it’s not very encouraging. A bit like NFP time. Avoid trading on the result

Fascinating !

What exactly Would you want to talk about ? :slightly_smiling_face:

_ JUst let her sit on your face and wriggle about a bit - you won’t feel too worn out then ! :slightly_smiling_face:


Wasn’t that a prelude to an American Express card advertisement on Not The Nine O Clock News? Or boobies?

The great thing about football is two matches are never the same - but I reckon after you have had one or two supermodels swing by your room it all becomes a bit monotonous.


Denmark will be a challenge as they aren’t frightened of anyone in the tournament.

thanks for info

Beckham was a great captain and leader but was not a “great” in terms of football ability.

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Thrashed them mate :wink:

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