Is it possible to earn money on the first months?

Is it possible that a trader will earn money on the first months? I started trading just 4 months ago and after two months of losing I have been gaining constantly for two months. Is that mean that I am on the right way to success? Or the losses will come anyways because I am a beginner?

If you’re trading consistently with an edge then you could be on the right track - though you could still go through periods of poor results. If you’re trading randomly with no real plan or edge, then you’ll certainly run into trouble.

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@OP: You can and you can also lose it all the next minute. Take calculated risks. Use confluence. Learn well a proper strategy. Learn and be strict with money management and don’t get greedy.

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hahaha McDonalds speaking of the first few months, it really depends, the secret just like what the guys are pointing out is to be patient, stop focusing on profit, but try focusing on less mistakes they are practically the same thing but by trying to avoid mistakes you get better chances of earning, and don’t go for big money keep it small and keep on learning :smiley:

Sounds like your on the right track! Two months of gains is great. Just stick with what your doing and be careful not to let those emotions take over.
Happy trading!

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@OP: There is no hard and fast rule saying that every new trader has to lose for a certain period of time before incurring a loss. So don’t assume that just because you’re only four months in there’s a big loss around the corner. You might have cracked it! You just don’t have enough data, yet, to be confident in your results. Personally, I would want to see six consecutive winning months all traded using the same strategy, mechanically executed before getting too excited and thinking about increasing the trading account size etc. (assuming that you are starting small).

I was profitable within my first year, and then remained so, it does happen.


A trader can earn money on the first month as well if he already well familiar with forex trading and have done practice on demo account. You should learn more and more because lose can come any times.

Personally, I won’t even contemplate trading live until i’m comfortable on my demo account with a reliable system, risk management and a good grounding in the foundations of the industry. I’m about two months into demoing now and still not ready for live. Even when I go live, it will be small bucks, so I can get a handle on the psychology and emotions of my trading. Can’t really learn that in a demo lol.
I would only suggest to anyone else starting not to be in too much of a hurry to throw cash away. take your time do what feels right and educate yourselves.

If you mean turning over a consistent and accumulating profit within the first few months of ever having looked at a price chart, then the answer is no unless you are some kind of rare trading genius, which of course you might be. I’d be the first to congratulate you if you were able to do it, but if you are asking this question because you somehow hope to be able to do this, then like most people coming into trading for the first time, you are most likely to be disappointed. Trading is not some get rich quick scheme you can come into and start living off. It requires years of hard graft, much patience, and lots of perseverance. No one trader has ever succeeded without all those in abundance.

have you trained on a demo account first? If not…you really should

It took me about 2 years to become profitable.

If you’re making money after 2 months then that is fantastic.

A trap that a lot of people fall into is believing their string of success will continue forever. Regardless of how good you are, you will experience weeks, or even months where you will lose money and begin to doubt yourself or your strategy.

If you can master your emotions through this period then you are well on your way to consistent, long term profits.

Good luck!


Exactly…this I am learning. well said

Maintaining Good and consistent levels of Profits is what the Forex markets are all about.

I say that every trader must take his own time and see that in the start the main goal is the learning and the better understanding of the Forex rather than getting immediate profits.

I’ll be honest with you in this one: No, you can’t. Sorry.

Thanks for the honesty ! lol !

wow thanks guys for your answers, i guess sometimes it can be beginner’s luck, but yeah I guess it is not possible, it is quite hard learning how to control your emotions. Better stay trading on demo for a little more :slight_smile:

Well put Nick ! Thanks ! So what is your strategy ?

demo accounts are fantastic but if its controling your emotions you are wanting to learn with regards to trading, the demo is not the best place to learn that. In demo, it is not real cash so you dont feel the psychological effect on you of the loss or the win. Demo can teach you everything else, but to learn this it might be best to open a very small live trading account, with just enough capital in it that you get to feel the buzz and the effect of trading live. There are a few brokers that let you trade live with minimum deposit down at $1. Hope this helps.