Is there anyone who has been vaccinated here?

Hello guuuuys. :blush: I’m so happy because the COVID vaccine is finally available and just the thought of going back to a more normal life is so exciting for me. :sob::sob: Unfortunately, it’s not til 2023 that the vaccine would be available in my country. :confused: BUT, for those in other countries, is there anyone here who has been vaccinated? :blush:

My brother in UK received his first dose of covid vaccine last Thursday. He said that second dose will be given after 3 weeks.

OMG. :open_mouth: You’re brother’s super lucky. :sob: Is it being given for free over there or are the people being asked to pay for it? :open_mouth: I think some countries are giving them out for free. :open_mouth:

Covid vaccinations in the UK are fee from the national health service, but you have to wait until your risk-group is being called in. Usually you can also get medical treatment privately here if you can pay for it and this might be quicker if the private medical firms have vaccine supplies.


Wow. That must be nice. It’s truly insane how the healthcare system works in the US.


If you guys disagree with QuadPip’s thread ‘What we are NOT being told about corona’ fair enough but if you have not read his enlightening posts, then I strongly suggest that you do.

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which country are you from?

I was left with the impression they are free in the US as well?

I admire the US in lots of ways. But their healthcare system is a disaster.

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isnt it free there?

I was left with the impression that it was, which is why I was asking.

The vaccinations have already started in the UK and are being carried out in order of clinical priority. The top priority groups are -

  1. residents in care homes for older adults
  2. their carers
  3. 80-year-olds and over
  4. front line health and social care workers
  5. 75-year-olds and over
  6. 70-year-olds and over
  7. clinically extremely vulnerable individuals
  8. 65-year-olds and over
  9. 16- to 64-year-olds with serious underlying health conditions
  10. 60-year-olds and over
  11. 55-year-olds and over
  12. 50-year-olds and over

This adds up to about 30 million people, about 45% of the population. About 1 million vaccinations have been administered so far. The remaining 29 million should be achieved by early April.

People under 50 and who are not in the groups above will get their vaccinations as soon as possible after the priority groups have been done.


I admire how planned and organized the vaccinations seem to be. :open_mouth: I think UK’s one of the first countries that are really mobilizing their vaccination plans. :open_mouth: Good for you there! :blush: I just wonder, would the new strain in of the virus have any effect on this plan?

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Sa far as is known the new variant responds to the vaccines just like the original type. The plan is right up to date but the priority groups were defined back in 2020, before the vaccines were even approved.

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That’s great to hear. :blush: I was actually worried that for some reason, the new strain would be immune to the vaccine again, and we’d all have to go through the tedious process of vaccine development all over again. :sob:

I’m also worried about this.

Several family members and friends have been vaccinated. And no extra arms have grown, so that’s good. But they’re all healthcare workers. Don’t know any none healthcare workers that have received it, but my insurance company sent out a letter that the cost to insured is $0.00.

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The list speaks volumes - in UK less than 400 people under the age of 60 without previous medical conditions have died.
The average age of deaths is 82. Yet they shut everything down destroying the economy and lives. WHY ?
Stop being sheep !

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