Is there anyone who has been vaccinated here?

780 million vaccinated across the globe and as lockdowns are being eased worldwide, the cases continue to rise to the dizzying highs of pre-vaccine December 2021…

We now have Pfizer CEO predicting a third dose of the Vaccine and an annual Booster shot every twelve months… Big Pharma is not getting off this Gravy Train anytime soon…

In Australia, we now have a leading health expert stating that those under 50 years of age should take the blood clotting incidents into real consideration if getting the AZ Vaccine…

"Dr Norman Swan has spoken out on the clotting cases linked to the AstraZeneca vaccine, saying that hesitation to have the jab is “not irrational at all”.

While I don’t agree with soul and economy destroying lockdowns, they are the only real measure holding this pandemic at bay until non-farcical solutions can successfully be applied.

Edit… Denmark has completely banned AstraZeneca for everyone… 1 down… many more to follow.

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A lot of vaccines have this though, it is not a long term effect.

Some vaccines are for life - the smallpox one, I believe, was for life. But many need bosters. Or need to be taken yearly, like the flu one.


@jessoprules Even the short term effects of this vaccine is killing people… NO ONE, and I mean no one can predict or has taken any responsibility for any long term effects of this mass vaccination event.

These Pharmaceutical Juggernauts have no liability for the side effects, most Governments (including Australia & US) have legislated against litigation for current and future vaccination outcomes…

@mlawson71 NO Vaccines, including the annual Influenza vaccine have been made mandatory. COVID will be the first mandatory vaccination (of many) that will ensure you are a second rate citizen if you are not inoculated on an annual basis.

And while I’m posting, with the 24/7 media coverage, Medical Expert daily sermons and Government Health Directions across the globe in 2020. You’d be certain that COVID was the most common cause of human morbidity in the past 12 months… Not even close!

Just in the US, Heart Disease and Cancer had a 3.7 times higher morbidity rate than COVID. No removal of known carcinogenic foods, no massive push for Heart Disease or Cancer research, No vaccines, nope, steady as she goes…

A Cynic may suggest that there is too much Pharmaceutical revenue tied to ongoing drug regimes like Statins, Chemo and the absolute plethora of pills, cocktails and procedures associated with these two constant degraders of quality of life for millions of humans (of all ages) on the planet.

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Live in USA getting 2nd shot Tomorrow. It’s sad but I feel true about your post. That’s what I feel they have been saying all along even while they were developing vaccine. Something my family and I have discussed. This is just going to be like a flue shot. Flue has different strains every year, even though I get flue shot , I .we , everybody knows we can still catch flue or pneumonia and end up in hospital and die. We just need to accept this is a Hardcore Deadly Virus and our lives have changed whether we like it not. As a charter bus driver all school field trips have stopped, zero theme parks, work is basically contract work with little extra. In feel in the last 20 years so many Politically Correct things has been forced upon us that from getting vaccinated to the right to wear a mask should be Also be not only the new Normal in this Pandemic Era we live in but also the PC thing to do instead of all the complaining going on.


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The issue with this virus is that unlike influenza it appears to be less seasonal in nature so is something we will have to fight off year round. There doesn’t appear to be much of a link on the climate of a country having an impact on spread or incidence either.

I am high risk as I am on immunosuppresants for a medical condition and have my 2nd Pfizer jab tomorrow and I’m looking forward to at least for now having some protection. If it is the same as getting the flu jab each winter then so be it.


Had my second jab last week, no immediate negative reactions this time. Both were AstraZeneca vaccine.

I would not be surprised to hear soon we’ll need a booster next year and each year for the foreseeable future. Possibly in combination with the flu vaccine.


Australia’s experience sums up the Southern Hemisphere’s Cold and Flu season…


“Simply put, we’ve had an absent flu season in Australia, with the National Notifiable Disease Surveillance System lab confirmed case load more than 99.5% below the same period 2019"

January - April 2021 Results have been similar for Australasia, the US and most European countries…

COVID is either the natural enemy of Influenza or population crushing Lockdowns cure all mankind’s respiratory ailments… I’m certain it’s the latter…

Auckland airport worker received Pfizer vaccine

The New Zealand airport border worker who tested positive for COVID-19 after being vaccinated had received the Pfizer jab, the nation’s Ministry of Health has confirmed.

“The person has been fully vaccinated – they received two doses of the Pfizer/BioNTech vaccine early in the vaccination campaign – in February and March,” the department said, according to the ABC.

"We know the Pfizer vaccine is highly effective, but at 95 per cent effectiveness a small number may not be protected.

“Breakthrough infections happen with all vaccines. This shows us how important it is that as many New Zealanders as possible take up the offer to receive the vaccine when they are offered it and are protected. The more people that are vaccinated, the more protected we will all be.”

This is the third person within the last 14 days in the Australia - New Zealand travel bubble that was fully vaccinated, still caught the virus, still spreading the virus, and doing so with authorized impunity because they thought they were safe…

Breakthrough infections….” OMG… the next “Distortion of Reality” catchcry…

NO, I haven’t had the chance to but I’m looking forward to it.

I was referring to the period during which certain vaccines are effective, not whether or not they are mandatory. The former is a matter of physiology, the latter - a matter of legislation. I wasn’t talking about legislation.

@mlawson71, I’ll make it a bit simpler… NO Boosters, including the annual Influenza Booster have ever been made mandatory. COVID will be the first mandatory “Booster” (of many) that will ensure you are a second rate citizen if you are not inoculated on an annual basis.

You will be legislated to have it… no matter of your physiology…

Oh wow. :open_mouth: Not sure what to feel about this but it seems like this whole vaccination issue wouldn’t be done by 2023, unlike what was initially predicted. :frowning: Oh no. :sob:

Ahhh. Yeah. :open_mouth: That makes sense. I forgot about this! I guess I was also just hoping that we could put this pandemic behind us as soon as we get vaccinated. :confused:

Not arguing any of your points really, but the US spends like $5 billion per year on cancer R&D. I know that’s a budget for more than a single cancer, so on the whole, it’s a big sum, but per individual cancer, probably easily less than $500 million average per cancer. But I won’t say cancer research isn’t massive.

I do believe like you there really isn’t an incentive for find cures using an all out money and research approach. Like the military industrial complex in the US, the healthcare complex is just as ridiculous. There’s too much money involved.

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WOW!!! really!? Why so late?

I’m fully aware I’m wasting my time posting facts and figures (completely checkable) in these forums… Opinions are everything these days. A breakdown of the co-morbidity to COVID deaths during this Pandemic.

The fixation on COVID is incredible… Simple people, with simple fixations… require simple solutions.


I got my first dose the day before yesterday \o/


This is true - last night twenty people died in Delhi, India because there was not enough oxygen available at the Jaipur Golden Hospital.

They were simple people requiring a simple solution.

The fixation on covid in India is understandable - two thousand six hundred and and four people died in the covid wards along with those twenty in the past 24 hours.

Yet India according to the health minister last month is “in the endgame” of the pandemic.

What has happened since? - Friday witnessed 2263 deaths in India.

The guard was dropped - simple actions often have simple results and simple people suffer.

Over 80 people drown each day in India… that’s 30,000+ per year, doesn’t even rate a mention in mainstream media. No uproar about swim safety programs, water education… nothing.

How many pass away each day from putrid drinking water or diseases eradicated decades ago in most of the western world, no doubt hundreds more… hardly rates a mention in western media.

Fixation on COVID?

20 people in a COVID hospital succumb due to the lack of medical oxygen and it makes global front page news…

Fixation on COVID?

India, with close to 1.3 Billion inhabitants currently have 3000 per day dying from the Virus and while truly tragic, is a similar percentage of population to most of the supposably advanced and technically superior European nations when the pandemic was tearing through populace’s prior to lockdowns in 2020…

India can vaccinate as many as it likes… Unfortunately, it’s culture will not allow harsh lockdowns imposed elsewhere… Life for most Indians is a daily struggle without these economy destroying measures.

27/04 Edit… Western Australia premier Mark McGowan says authorities have made an alarming discovery about many of the recent infected travellers returning to his state from the Subcontinent.

He said that returned travellers from India are arriving COVID positive with certificates saying they do not have the virus – and that the tests done in India for returning Australians either “aren’t accurate or aren’t believable”.

You can see already how well a mandatory BS COVID Passport is going to stop the spread of this Virus.