Is XM really a "SCAM"?

Hey ! I’ve tried demo trading now I’m willing to start trading with real money. Since I’m a scalper I decided to choose a broker with low spread and that also offers Islamic accounts so I found FOREX.COM and XM but XM may be a good option because they have lower spreads than FOREX.COM
After a research I also found that many people in other forums and online saying that XM is a scam and they don’t give withdrawals …
Now I need someone That is working/used to work with XM to tell me if what I heard about it is real or no
Thanks in advance ! :smiley:

For me, XM is good. I don’t have any problems with deposits and withdrawals.
I just withdraw money today, it’s no problems.


ive just started using xm, can you tell me more about the withdrawals procedure, something about you can only withdraw your deposit and then you have to use e-wallet?

XM might not be a scam, but they are very aggressive. They act like a market maker that frowns at you when you make profit. Thread wisely