I've had a 90% win rate

And never lost more than 3 consecutive times in almost 3 years. I’m now thinking about increasing my risk per trade from 5% to 9-10% as it will be more beneficial to me based on my strategy. But I would like some opinions about this change…

and what strategy is this? I would like to see it unless of course your strategy is to start charging newbies into a trap.

Those are impressive numbers but are meaningless for successful trading. The only number that matters is the profitability which you didn’t mention for some curious reason. You seem to imply that you are profitable, but it isn’t safe for us to assume that because many robots have 90 - 95% win rates and still consistently wipe out accounts.

As to your question, why would you change anything? Consistency is one of the keys to success as any pro athlete will tell you. If you have found the key to success, just keep doing what was successful over and over again.

Seems a little fishy to me too considering in August he/she says he/she’s a new trader, and if he/she’d been trading for 3 years, I doubt his/her posts would be asking questions such as these…

With such very noob question’s he states that he never got more than 3 losses and 95% win since 3 year’s…seriously ??

You guys would earn a fortune as private detectives :slight_smile: In-house B/S Detectors, to stop anyone reading deceptive posts. Keep up the good work!

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Haha well this is my cousins account and I’m over at his house believe it or not!! Haha. And plus I don’t have an account here so cbb signing up etc

With my trades I’ve been averaging 1:1 risk reward ratio…

I believe you must be sort of scalper …looking only for short profits.Your reward to risk ratio must be very bad.

Lol reminds of asking questions on an eBay auction and suddenly the vendor turns out to be someone else posting from a friend’s account, then the other inconsistencies creep in and I walk away. Anyway, back to the question…

Taking your original post at face value, if you are consistently making good returns at 5% risk then leave it as is would be my advice. You will quickly make some proper money pretty much wherever you start from if you are consistently winning at that risk level. Going to 10% or so does leave you exposed to a sudden crisis in the market, I just wouldn’t do it.

Personally, I trade 1% risk, make good money and see no reason to change it, even if I did I wouldn’t go beyond 2% risk. Why not? Because it is working well at my current level, the returns are great, there’s no need to press my luck. For me, the key to successful trading is the mechanical execution of a consistent strategy. Everything else flows from there. Risk management has to be at the centre of a successful strategy - this is really a capital preservation game, at the end of the day - so I don’t mess with the nuts and bolts once they’re working. For me, 9-10% risk per trade is too exposed and is not how a pro would trade.

Just my thoughts!


If you want my opinion you will not like it.

I’m having lunch here, please don’t make me laugh out loud while I am eating!!

Ok. As you wish.

You know if you have a look at my thread I have placed 2 demo trades (1 was also a live trade) in the past month or so and won all of them. This gives me 100% win rate in forex in the last few months. Hell I am going to start my own signal service and for a small fee of 500 dollars a month I will show you how I did it. With a win rate like that you could risk 75% (cant forget the margin requirements) of your account a slap 1000:1 leverage on it and be rich by sundown. Whos with me???

Sorry bob, I’m not in because looking at the last 37 minutes you would have made far more profit in MXN/NOK than you did in the pair you traded

Ok I got to ask what is NOK. Is that some type of Galactic credit

Norwegian Krone.

Although if it were Galactic credits that would be much cooler and I would definitely trade it.

Please tell me you are not one of those who risks 200 pips and closes when it reaches only 5.

Yeah This is fishy, OK people do have 90%+ win rates. If you have ever read the market wizards books they are in there. I doubt this guy is a market wizard considering those are the only people who I have ever even heard of that have done that. I have worked on a floor and in trading rooms and never seen it consistently. I don’t even know why we have these flame posts anyway. We all know win rate and RR are inversely related. so could like MR gone said be the case sure. but either way its probably not a good idea.

This is my latests two months of trading, look at my win ratio, is 35% or sometring and this are my two consecutive winning months, something that does not happen quite often.

The upper part of the report:

What strategy are you using?