Jay's Unofficial BabyPips Book Club

Hey Everyone! After reading one of my many trading books for the 18th time recently… I realized that one of the things that made me the trader I am today was a lot of the trading books I have read. I also noticed it seems so many people are drawn to trading, be it forex, futures, stock, bonds, whatever… yet haven’t really invested their time into reading some of the better books out there.

I think these folks are really missing out!

[B][U]So, to fill this need, I’ve decided to start the unofficial babypips book club.[/U][/B]

[B]Here’s how it works:[/B]

  1. The idea here will be I pick a book, or someone else suggests one, and we go through 1 chapter a week.

  2. Once you’ve read the chapter, you are free to comment here regarding what you found helpful, what you liked, what you didn’t like, what you want to know more about…etc. You know…just an open forum to discuss thoughts and realizations, and other great stuff that we can all get out of some of the best trading/investing books out there.

  3. Then, once a week for those who can make it, we’ll meet up in the babypips chat room for an hour or 2 and have an extended discussion about that chapter.

  4. We continue in this fashion until we are finished… and then we move on to another book!

Pretty simple actually. I encourage as many of you to join in, because this will get pretty boring if it’s just me posting here! lol

Anyway, if you’d like to join, just put up a comment in the thread letting everyone know you have the book we are currently reading…and will be joining in the dicussion.
So…for the first book… it’s the original “Market Wizards” by Jack Schwagger![/B]

One of the all time classic trading books… I personally learned so much from all 3 of the market wizards books, but this first one is my favorite. It interviews about 20 of the worlds greatest traders. You know…the guys who run a 20 million account…and make 25% PER MONTH on it. Or one trader who ran a friends 10K up to about 14 million in about 10 years.

A few in this book are in the forbes 400 (as in, one of the richest 400 people in the world today)

Some others run multi billion dollar hedge funds, grew $400 accounts into over $100 million, and even one guy who has well over a 90% win rate for his trading, and has maintained this for several years running.

This would have to be one of my top 3 favorite of all time.

So I’ll take a day to see who responds here. If you intend to participate…please let us know by making a post. I’ll then be posting up what we will read first…and then, we’ll let the book club begin!

I am looking forward to seeing some familiar faces here, and hopefully a few new ones as well.

Thanks for your interest…lets all learn more about how the greatest traders do it together :wink:


Great choice for a starter… gets the juices flowing and the mind swirling… the perfect storm for newbie inspiration! :wink:

[B]GLGT [/B]:57:

Thanks Michael! I know your probably even busier than I am…but feel free to join. I’m sure many on here would love any contributions or insights you could provide on this book… myself included!

Hope to see you around… and thanks for the support :slight_smile:


I’m in. Great idea btw!


Thanks Jay, Looking forward to this,

By the way, This will be the first Book I have set my eyes on,

Thanks for your valuable time,

i read this book it was really good. I think i blazed through it in a single weekend. I really liked it, inspiring, real world experience and seeing what type of trading is ACTUALLY possible.

Jeeez… and I thought the fist book would be something by Tom Clancy…


I didn’t know Clancy wrote trading books?!

Get me a copy ASAP Tang! That’s next on the list!



I did not even know that he exist, lol. Great idea with the market wizards as starter plus the thread as well, btw. I read the new wizards (plus a ton of others (trading books, not thrillers, lol)), but have now a ton of others also to read.

I guess reading trading books has another advantage besides the chance of learning: Not to overtrade, lol. While somebody reads a book one can’t trade. :slight_smile:

I just saw another thread where ‘The Adams Theory of Markets’ by Welles Wilder was recommended. I can post the PDF here if anyone is interested.

Actually Talon… If you could wait until we get the thread going more…or until we are done with the market wizards book… I don’t want to distract this from the current club topic, if u get my drift. :wink:


I’m up for this, great idea, this will be some nice side-reading.
Write me up, when will be the end-date for the first chapter?

understood. makes sense.
now I have to find a copy of market wizards

Fortunately… or Unfortunately its found in pdf format for free for the diligent seeker. :wink:


Or there if you bought the book but can’t wait til it’s dropped into your post box: :wink:

market wizards - 4shared.com download free

Early ForeXmas gift for you… you will want this bookmarked. :wink:

The Mother Load Of Trading Books

Alright Jay, I got the book.
I’m in!

Got it, thanks Michael!

No he did not. Have you ever see “The Sum of all Fears”, Patriot Games, Clear and Present Danger or Hunt for the Red October? All based in Ton Clancys novels.

Never heard about Schwagger, i’ll start read it i’m in.

Very very nice thread with pretty good responses!
I’m in it…

You know, that’s the best part of having great hard working mentors… these guys helps a lot!

So, chapter 1 until next week eh?