Jim Rogers repeats his prediction of a monster bear market ahead

Uh oh. Do I need to upload my popcorn GIF now or can I pop out (no pun intended) to the shops first??? LOL!!!

Exactly. I rest my case.

Sorry. Couldn’t help myself!!! LOL!!!

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Watchout at shops, coke doesnt cost a nickel these days anymore :innocent:

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Damn right. It’s a travesty. See: this one of the reasons the World is in such a mess. But I’m sure it’s only a matter of time before a bunch of people get together and start rioting in the streets and burning things down and protesting about the price of Coke. You know: go burn down Coca Cola’s head office and depots. Then complain because there is no Coke on the shelves and when stocks are replenished the price has gone up. Or throw bottles of Coke at Law Enforcement and expect them to say “hey thanks for the Coke” as opposed to retaliating.

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Sorry, I meant to thank you for the '87 Crash video. I thoroughly enjoyed it. Thanks for posting it.

Your video was a chance for me to re-live an exciting event from the past — one that, for me anyway, had a profitable outcome.

Among the many blasts-from-the-past in your video, it was interesting to see Bill Griffith and Sue Herera, as they appeared back in the late 80’s. I used to watch Bill and Sue on the Financial News Network back in the day. Interestingly, they are together again on the Nightly Business Report, which I frequently watch. Bill has aged pretty well, but Sue (unfortunately) is about twice her former size.

Don’t know whether you’ve seen the Nightly Business Report. It’s highly US-centric, so possibly not of the greatest interest to you. HERE’S A SAMPLE, if you want to check it out.

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You could not be more wrong!!! LOL!!! Trust me: big fan here. Thanks for the link. And sincerely my pleasure.

Hey. Here. Just for you. And roughly on the topic of our little interaction of last night too (about the population).

Guy’s name is Bill Burr. And if you want to get an insight into my personality then watch this dude’s stuff!!! LOL!!! He’s from MY generation. You know: ye olden days!!! LOL!!!


Thanks for that, I was wondering who said it first :sunglasses:

I was a little surprised that it was deleted tbh, but I had taken a stroll over here last night and read it before they were.

I remember thinking (of your friend’s last post) “That’s interesting - I’ve never seen him play the ‘victim’ role so clearly before.”

Perhaps I should explain ;

One of the most popular Games in the world is “Drama triangle” and it is a fascinating destructive game. It used to be played often (but not always) by women often by playing two competing males off against each other - competing that is to “rescue them”.

The rules and definiion of “Games” can be found here

There are multiple reprints, and I find more clarity in the older ones in truth.

Karpman was one of Bernes students and investigated “the Drama triangle” - I don’t seem to be able to find his own work, but here is a half-decent one by “others”

By way of completeness, and if ‘Transactional Analysis’ intrigues you as it does me, here is a great book about the destructive effect Games have on people’s lives (especially children - highly recommended for those with small children)

I do find it entertaining that the whole of “Group Identity Politics”, MArxism, and the “Postmodernist neo-Marxist Agenda” can so readily be understood in terms of the “Drama triangle”

Where we have ;

  • ‘Victim’ - Any number of “Oppressed minorities” - Particularly the ‘women as teh oppressed’ so beloved by “Feminism”
  • Persecutor / Abuser - Almost universally White males, often in the form of “Patriarchy”
  • Rescuer - Various self righteous - SJWs, Feminist Activists, Multiple other “Campaign groups” purpoting to “Act on behalf” of their chosen “Victim” - often to the intense annoyance of the ‘members’ of that particular ‘victim group’ - who often have no particular gripe at all with their own lives. - This part is the “Twist in the tale” nowadays - the “Victim” doesn’t actually WANT to be “Rescued” - This intensely annoys “rescuer” since all “his” wonderful efforts remain unrecognised - We’ll have to wait and see how this “Plays out”

Now the irony of this particular Game is how the participants switch positions regularly
If you take a look at the “SQUAD” who are currenty demanding “Action against Trump” for “Racist Tweets”. See what they have said in other places about others and their intolerance for people who just want to be “brown” without actually campaigning for “Victimised browns” - that is just an example - she goes through multiple other “groups” in the same vain.

Anyhow, as I said, I was quite interested by your “friend’s” post.

Abd I see a different (more usual) instruction here to Clint in response to his perfectly reasonable post ;

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You SURE do know how to drive a point home!!! LOL!!!

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I’ve no doubt I shall be “punished” shortly - Get that Popcorn out ! :wink:

Awesome,! Now I’m a novice!:rofl:

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lol - Thanks for pointing out the ambiguity of my statement

So are you saying you’re a novice because you DID know or because you Didn’t ? :rofl:

Didn’t but now I do!!:sweat_smile:

Jeepers. I’m busy working my butt off, decided to take a break because there’s bit of a lull in the markets, and THIS is what I find when I come home i.e. a thread that’s not even a shadow of it’s former self what with all of today’s posts having been “flagged by the community” (whatever in the hell that means anyway)!!! LOL!!!

So did you all have fun today or what??? LOL!!!

Can you read the flagged posts? Im not sure thats why i ask.

Yep. But I just skimmed over them for now i.e. will have a good read once the markets are closed (I assume they’ll still be there in about two hours).

Then you know i had quite some fun :innocent:

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Well it sure seems a good day was had by all!!! LOL!!! (Managed to read the posts obviously).

Well there’s no point in me adding my few cents as those posts will be gone comes the morning. Not that I had anything of substance to add in particular mind you. Just saying.

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Don’t mean to hijack, but there was a thread about a VSA-inspired system by @petefader from many years ago.

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Not at all (hijacking).

I remember that thread well. There was also one by somebody called “Purple Patch Forex” if I recall.

I was going to start a thread about Bill Williams’ MFI as I noted. But I took a quick look at this last week and it didn’t really do it for me (again). Only merit I could see in it (and which I remember was the case years ago too) was the so called “squat bar” (usually colored pink in MT4). Looks a bit hit and miss to me. But who knows. Maybe I should start the thread i.e. others may see something that I cannot (usually the case).