Supply/Demand, VSA, Wyckoff with Petefader

[B]Additional videos here[/B]: petefaders’s Channel - YouTube

*Updated 2015


I started this thread to share my profitable trading method. Watch the videos in the link above multiple times if need be and really absorb the information. It’s golden.

I’ve taken concepts from the Volume Spread Analysis method, Wyckoff teachings and simple technical analysis to create my own logical and repeatable method. 12 years of screen time goes a long way and I maintain a high win ratio at this point. If you want to save yourself time and losses, learn this method. Forget the garbage systems. They don’t work. They keep you ignorant to the real market forces.

Feel free to post. I prefer to see complete analysis in your post rather than a vague reason for a trade. I do answer questions. The more you put in, the more you’ll get out. I don’t help lazy people, only those who appear to be working to help themselves.

[B]My educational videos here[/B]: petefaders’s Channel - YouTube

***I trade live with screen share and voice 3 days a week for about 35 people. You can contact Petefader on Skype to join the free chat room and chat with traders that trade my method and trade with me live.

Commonly asked questions:

What do I use for volume feed?
Since IBFX is out of biz I started using Esignal’s FX feed. If you’re not using it I suggest multiple broker demos to compare Volumes.

I don’t have time to watch a 5 min chart for entries, can I trade this method?
Yes, just using the 1hr chart and the same entry method as the 5 min is valid. The difference is less detailed information is given to assess the probability, and a less fine tuned entry may mean bigger stops/targets.

What should I think when I see posts in this thread that alter the method?
The focus should be on my version of the VSA/Wyckoff methodology but I try not to “police” the thread, and just allow people to share what they wish, unless I find it too much of a distraction.

Is there a chat room?
Yes, a skype chat room for those interested in learning and trading together. Contact Petefader on skype if you would like to join. It’s free.

Where do you get your news and holiday schedule?
Forex Calendar @ Forex Factory

Can I trade any time of day?
No, after 16ish GMT setup are less likely to play out. Asia open can offer setups but London/NY is best.

How important is the trend?
Very. A proper counter trend trade comes only after very high, climactic Volume in the right place, or evidence of accum/dist over time. Trades going with the trend do not require climactic volume and more aggressive entries are generally acceptable such as simple ND/NS, and higher volume rejections of a counter trend move.


Nice I look forward to following after I read all of the 300+ pages in the old thread


Following, reading, watching, analysing, trading. Thanks!


Thanks Pete for your continued selfless contribution to helping people to ‘SEE’. I am still following with avid interest and demo trading Mad Scalper while deepening understanding of VSA.

Cheers :smiley:


Go Pete Go!..:slight_smile:

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THANK YOU! I’ve been meaning to read your original thread and even have it bookmarked, but in all honesty those 300+ pages scared the crap out of me.

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YO! Let’s make it legendary. I’m on the first page :smiley:

Thanks! This is awesome!

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Thanks Petefader, you are a top man…

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Thanks Pete, I guess you gave up creating that pdf of important posts you talked about earlier? Just wondering. Keep up the good work! :slight_smile:

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front page woot!

Another great resource for traders. Thanks pete.

Hello petefader,

I’m very new into learning VSA and I find it pretty amazing but it is also sometimes very confusing. Anyways, I highly appreciate your renewed effort and time to startup a new thread. Practitioners of this method are very rare and like minded people are really harder to find. Thanks to the internet and great forum like this one.

I really don’t know why good and solid methods such as this has been shoved under the carpet by the mainstreams. Everywhere we see - internet and the media, they’re selling the super secret silver bullet trading system ($97 - $5000) based on same rehashed indicator based formulas.

Thank you

** As a newbie learner, I’m full of doubts in this phase. Is it okay if I ask some of my doubts with the charts in this thread or do I make the doodles in other thread? I’m following stocks and I thing it doesn’t really matter which market we follow while applying VSA principles.

I think VSA is one of the best skills a serious trader can invest into themselves. Thanks for the vids.

Wow, excellent! :slight_smile:

Monday and Friday I usually don’t make it here until NY session but tues, wed, thurs I wake up at 5:30 am EST. That’s been my schedule for a while now. It’s a good balance between making it in time for setups and getting sleep. I’m 35 now and yeah, I can’t do it like it used too lol.

Anyway, just looking at the charts now. As I said in the new video, we are technically in Accumulation phase on 1hr, but looking at these up moves today on the 5 min, there is a lot of supply showing up. I would have to say clearly more selling pressure is there right now and it’s acting more like redistribution.

This can seem tricky, the way accum/dist can seem to switch back and forth, but that’s the way it can go during a range. If you stay with SM and buy low sell high, and manage your trades right, you can still profit on scalps.

See the ND on that chart there, those are my favourites, same with NS, trend continuing, high prob trades.

Hm, I saw NoSupply some time later. Can you guys please correct my interpretation?

Not exactly sure what type of crowd you are trying to attract here with bunnies and chocolate chip cookies, Pete! :15: Lol I know I been absent lately but Ill try to make some appearances and help get the newbies on the right track with ya!

You are correct in seeing the demand coming in, then the NS, however the NS volume was not lower than the previous 2 candles volume to be technical about it.

If you look left on the 5 min you see much higher volume spikes showing supply as my chart shows. By buying there you are “buying into an area of weakness”.

Today was a ranging day again. We know why as I explained in the video part 3. So, you can have valid short/long/short setups one after the other but if you try and judge which looks stronger as far as supply and demand, you’ll be raising your probability. In todays case, the supply had the higher volume. Also, I don’t trade after 16 GMT…not as safe.

Enpoint! lol, I was waiting for someone to notice that lol…I can change them. :stuck_out_tongue:

You have your own excellent thread dedicated to this very setup, if I am correct Purple ?