Journal of a 90%+ win rate trader :)

Your post is a Inspiration. I am getting close to your numbers. After I kept blowing my accounts I started compounding this year with a small account.

First thing I did as a scalper I researched how all these so called guru’s could make like $2000 to $3000 in a few min on their videos. I looked CLOSELY AT the time frame and repeated it on demo.

My best was $3500 in 40 seconds on a $25,000 Demo

If you do it BIg on a demo then you do it small on a Live :muscle:

Screenshot 2021-04-29 001410

Compounding Daily

( US30 Scalper)

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Thanks, and remember, nobody is perfect.

I had a busy week at work and got a few bad trades as a result of not being able to watch them close.

But my skills, is why I was able to recover 88% in a day and a half. So had a $200 loss for the week. No big deal.

That is why I can consistently make great week to week trades, I can recover and move on in the face of a bad trade like it is no big deal. Because I know that it is part of the game.

This is why everyone needs to read Trading in the Zone by Mark Douglas.

I am a natural trader, who already had the template to be a master trader, even before I started.

Stay a perpetual student.

There is always more to learn, and ways to improve.

Please direct me to your profile. Thanks.

Also humble…


Yo that’s crazy profit numbers! What’s your ff username? Thanks for sharing.

Any chance you’re going to share your strategy or methods or anything other than how many lambos you could buy? Kidding!

This week was a great example of why you can’t let bad trades scare you off trading.

I had a few trades go against me on Monday and Tuesday, and cut them before they could hit my automatic stop loss points, but this still was like around $600 total lost.

But I knew I could make this up in no time, relatively speaking, so I just looked for new setups for the next day.

Mind you, I did take a break and went and did other things.

It is important to turn off and reset your mind.

So Wednesday morning I start trading, get a few nice trades, roll into Thursday and Friday get a few more.

I end the week up $400, from being down $600 on Tuesday.

You’re not always going to have perfect trades and results.

Life is messy.

But you can always keep working and improve from where you are.

Account is now up to $5,468

Winning trades: 88
Losing trades: 10

Does this mean you made 98trades in one week :thinking:

Yeah, I show people at my work trade setups and track things using tiny trades.

So I will watch pairs with like $1, and depending on where they go, add in more money.

I have always been scared to do more than 2 trades a session
I don’t know if I should follow this your strategy
Don’t know if it would work for me
But nevertheless it’s a good strategy :ok_hand:

And sorry I wanted to ask does this mean you trade on 98 different coins?

No, just usually 3-6 pairs like EUR/USD.

Ended up with a $1k day on Friday and $2.6k for the week

Account status since March 19th

Congrats, you either need a high win rate, or a decent RR to be successful in this game.

Glad I have both!

Fair play. It’s certainly possible with the right strategy and time taken to nail it down.

Why trade such a small account with a 90+% win rate?

A master trader would be placing larger 1% trades each month. Right?

This month it’s $10. Next month, $100. Then $1,000, and so on. Yet, here you are, making trades with a margin equivalent to lunch money.

I don’t understand the mastery there. Could you explain it, please?

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Maybe that is all he has?