Journal of a 90%+ win rate trader :)

Hello, this is going to be my trading journal here.

I have been trading forex for almost 7 years, also known as DividendGamer, and Varkeer.

I started this new account to show a couple people at my job how I trade.

Funded it March 19th with $2,500.

For this week, I am at a 100% win rate for $523 over 7 trades.

Here is my current standings:

Total profits: $1,422

Win rate: 90%

Winning trades: 88

Losing trades: 10

total losses: $122

Don’t know how often during each week I will update this, but will keep it accurate and honest.

Cheers and happy trading!


Oooh Nice! :blush: Looks interesting. :blush: Good luck with this! :smiley:


Very interesting, I also want to trade by arranging trade plan in this way.


Is that a typical month for you?


best of luck.


i usually make $100+ per week i trade.

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Welcome and best of luck.

Will be interesting to see how you trade and what level of risk you take.


Can you share some of your tips?


94% for this week so far.

Had a bit of fun joking around with tiny trades.

I like to do little trades with one of the guys I talk with at work just to show him little ideas in action.

Number of trades 53

Winning trades 50

Losing trades 3

Profit $323

Loses: -$19

My next post on Saturday will show my current total after Friday, because I expect to make at least an extra $100+ before the market closes.

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Weekly total ended up as:

Win rate 96%

Number of trades 67

Winning trades 64

Losing trades 3

Profit $762

Loses: -$19

New totals since March 19th:

Win rate 93%

Number of trades 161

Winning trades 149

Losing trades 12

Profit $2,114

Loses: -$192

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That’s quite a difference between the two weeks. What’s your strategy? Could you share your entry and exit signals?

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What would you say your average return is per week in terms of percentage of capital?

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With this kind of win rate, you’d be compounding and you’d be a millionaire in 6 months!!

Do you have a program? Can I join? How much is it?



Haha this was what I was thinking/getting at. With basic compounding based on historical results it seems like he will overtake Bezos in a couple of years…

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With compounding, his account would be literally the third largest economy in the world. He could bail all of South America out of debt without breaking a sweat.



Come on! You do not even know if he is actually trading. He could simply be posting made-up performances. Although I recognize extreme performance can be achieved,

This is my performance for the last seven trading days. I can normally get to 700-800% before I am psychologically affected by the size of the account growth.
day1 : 30%
day2 :70%
day3 : 121%
day4: 187%
day5: 274%
day6 :387%
day7: 534%

The above is manual trading.

My extreme equity growth record for automated systems is work in progress. So far 684% in seven weeks.

@FreeForLife oh man! Do you have a program, too?! How can I sign up?

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Thank you. I would never risk another man’s money when manual trading.

I have made a very good FREE automated MT4 strategy (EA) available for all, the details are in my thread: Free For Life EAs

You are welcome to use it.


Not going to tell people when I open trades.

I tend to average out to $100+ per week per $1k in my account.