Journal of my QAV strategy

Hello everyone.

My name is Gerson anaya, I am an engineer, I live in Colombia. I am into forex trading since 2017.
I currently have and I would like to receive comments, critiques and recommendations of what I am doing.

I previously had a journal on Darwinex community, but this community was closed.

My trading: Weekly I open a Maximum of 10 trades, in different currency pairs that I choose according to my trading plan,the pairs to choose depend on the moment of the market (very volatile or little volatile). All trades carry a SL but do not have a take profit, I trade according to time, trying to keep the trade a maximum of 22 hours open and close the trade as it is at that time.

This plan is backed by a 10 year manual backtest, extracted from darwinex MT4.

Although the strategy is open since 2020, it is actually applied fully optimized since this year, as I was still testing some things.

I qualify the trading plan as manual-quantitative, based on numbers and precise rules that I respect to the letter, with an average minimum annual profit of 16%.

For the moment I leave it here, I hope to receive comments.

My Operation is in darwinex as QAV, for the moment because I am a new user I can`t put link, but later I will edit the post.


Sorry for my little english I use traductor.

And what is your TP aim, and do you keep to it? Move S/L to break even, or what?

I do not have TP targets, only Stop, the stop is placed depending on the currency pair traded. The stop is not moved either.

IMO, that’s not great money management. Time should never be part of your process, because you’re telling me that you’ll close the account ANY time up to the 22 hours. Apart from the unmoved S/L, what is it that triggers a closure?

Apologies, but I cannot see any strategy rationale.

Thanks for the comment, I really appreciate it, I wanted to read things like that, I will justify a little bit why I don’t do it.

Strategies and styles there are many, for the moment this has worked very well for me, in the backtest it also works well. What I must do is simply follow the rules, if an asset reverses its path throughout the day, I must accept that I did not open in the indicated position, it is lost and that’s it, tomorrow will be another day.

I think the important thing is certainly to have a stop to limit losses, but I also know colleagues who do not use the stop and have good numbers and more than 4 years trading.

As always, time will tell everything.

What does QAV stand for?

Interesting method! How do you decide to close a winning trade? Just solely by max time?

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Yes, I accept that you must follow your profitable strategy, while my intervention was intended to help you increase your profit/loss ratio.

I also have ‘rules’ which is not the best money management, but as I’m making a profit, I let sleeping dogs lie.

Best of ongoing luck.

BTW Black Swan events happen very infrequently, maybe a year or more, but if your ‘no S/L’ colleagues are on the wrong side when it happens, they risk blowing their account in seconds. I suffered from such in January 2019.


Thanks for your comment, Ponponwel

  1. QAV are the initials of my business QuillAnts and the V is the initial of my middle name Vladimir.

  2. Yes, I really do everything by time or because I hit the stop, at the end of the day I close the trade,

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Thanks steve369

I have been looking at the possibility of adding what you told me, at least a stop that I can move to a certain point, but I need to design the conditions for it.
The last paragraph I don’t know if I misunderstood (I use translator), but if I use Stop Lost, this is one of the conditions for my trades to be closed.

Update 9-07-2022
Week 1 of Jul

A very difficult week, I practically hit all the stops from Tuesday onwards, some trades even went in my favor after hitting them. Situation that makes me a little angry, fortunately for me, I usually look at the chart only at the end of the day and there is no time for revenge. The latter was one of the personal solutions I found to my Psycho control in trading.

At the moment the month is running at -0.70% although I lost about 8 trades in a row, nothing happens.

Possible reasons for the losses: As well as the gains I had at the beginning of the week, the volatility is still too strong for my taste, the gyrations in the chart (usdjpy on Friday) affect me a lot, much more than they favor me, keep everything in order and follow the plan, it does not hurt.

Yes, a S/L is a trade closure. You can right click it on the chart and move it.

Yes, I know, what I have to do in this case is to adapt it to the trading plan, this will bring several things:

1- Check the chart very often
2- I have open operations during the night (they are operations that last up to 22 hours open).
3- Adapt to my plan and do again a general back test that would take time.

Of all this what I like the most is point 3, I like the numbers so much that just the thought of doing a backtest makes me excited. Points 1 and 2 are things that I have avoided doing so as not to stress myself, I will see what to do.

For the moment I think this can be an option to optimize even more,

A greeting

Okay. The key is to close losing trades and to let winning trades run. This is not easy and emotional control is key. Every successful trader will have a process that manages this


I read all the comments. I learned a lot of useful information. Thank you!


Another week of July ends with losses.

It started well on Monday, but began to go bad since Tuesday, although it is not very serious, I am still waiting for the luck to change a little and for the market volatility to decrease a little.

the accumulated of July is -1.21%.

That’s not bad at all. Good luck this coming week!

Thank you very much, that’s right, it’s nothing, in the end what matters to me is the absolute total of everything, be it year, month, 3 years, etc.

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The week of July 18 was positive, which also allowed the month of July to be slightly positive, this weekend I sat down to analyze the operation a bit.

Of course, I found it quite frustrating to see trades that touched my SL and then went in my favor, I know first hand that this is a pretty normal situation and it is going to be impossible to avoid unless I remove my stops, which is not going to happen, so…

Fortunately darwinex offers many metrics, among them the Os and CS, that tell me how good my entries and exits are for each trade, in my strategy their scores are the lowest, which shows me that it is possible to improve these aspects.

However, it is not that easy, because much of the track record I have is gone, but I have come up with ideas and have started working on them. I will then try to improve a bit this score which at the moment is at 1.6 out of 10 and 1.8 out of 10.

Best regards and good trading week to all.

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My strategy

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My last operation of the month has closed, it is nice to say that after a month that almost all the time remained in the red, these last days I could turn it around.
At this moment my Darwin is the winner of another darwinia award, it would be number 5 so far this year.

Due to the composition and execution of my strategy, it is difficult to determine what news or situations favored or not, I only know that the sudden movements have not sat well, however these have compensated and allowed that in a couple of days I can recover everything that may have been lost during the month.

In spite of being in green numbers this year, I insist again that it is not the best year of the strategy and I hope that soon new winds will arrive and the situation will improve.

I leave below my risk aversion map, where you can see the difference in closing between winning and losing trades.

Best regards