Journey From $25-$10,000

Hello EveryBody , I decided to open a new forex account and grow my acount from $25-$10,000 over the course of time anything is possible i have been trading for almost 2 years when i first started trading i grew my account from $25-1000 in a matter of month in a little bit, with a little bit of patience and alot of focus i think it can be done , i made this thread to share my journey/ experince , & and your more than welcome to share your thoughts and ideas :D!!. The Pairs That i will be trading and focusing on alot are:


Not gonna happen :wink: ur not the first and not the last :stuck_out_tongue: good luck

Aha Anything is possible :wink: will be posting trades by the end of the trading day

At least try and turn $1,500 into $100k first :wink:

Will go from $20-&1500-$5000, and so on :sunglasses:

Lol I’m going to take it one step @ a time

Hey good idea, I also trade those pairs with usd/jpy and oil. This could be like your trading journal just remember don’t get greedy, don’t get emotional, have a game plan, and enjoy the profits!

Hows the journey going so far?

You’re definitely shootin’ for the stars there bud! Good luck and looking forward to more from ya!

$25 to $10,000 requires a return of 40,000%. What is your time frame?

To be honest as long as it takes , 6months +

6 months? For 40,000% ROI? That’s completely ridiculous. I think you need to gain some realism…

Your goal could be achieved in 5 years with 232% return per year. That would put you in like the top .01% of all traders, ever.

I think 100% return per year is a reasonable goal to set for yourself, but it’s still one that 99% of traders will never reach - which would take you a little over 8 years.

Of course, you probably won’t believe me, but go see for yourself. I wish you luck, and please keep us updated - most of these threads just die with no further updates from the OP (likely after they blow their account).

Will do, :slight_smile: and. Anything is possible again , trades I made today was i longed gold from 1268.72-1275.00
And long usdcad 1.10518 I am still long usd cad
As Janet yallen is going to speak tommrow so I am expecting a lot of movement tommrow early morning , I’m expecting for yallen to address the tapering situation as well some positive thinggs to say about the us so I’m hoping for a nice rally back to 1.1100 area and a little higher ,
As for gold I’m looking for gold to touch 1284 .00, befor retracing

Good luck bud.

Why is this thread in the Newbie section? It is my experience that real traders have no need to boast successes. That’s ego… Something that will no doubt wipe you out. Secondly why is it always 10k? The shear glee in the posters words suggest he himself is surprised. A very strange thing for a consistently profitable trader. The hard work to achieve that will suggest trading is your business making it unlikely your initial investment was $25(who starts a biz with $25). I went into the business with 1k UK sterling with another 1k in back up. I also worked very hard during the tinkering phase trading Micros with 64% win ratio after 106 trades.

I do like a good motivational story but you also have to know how to tell it.

Update on trade the price of gold hit my take profit so I went long on it again at 1284.30
I have 40-50 pip target

Another super man with a dream target. Well good luck mate. Looking forward to your results.

Good morning update !!!
Was in a gold long last night at 1284- take profit was 1286.00

Currently Im long usdcad.
Usd was moving a little bullish during Asia session now it has seemed to pullback quite abit
Rightnow on my chart I have rissitance @ 1.09660 support at 1.11225
I believe there is a NFIB Small business index report comming out @730 my have some impact

Anybody els trading usd as or any usd crosses

Closed my UCad long yesterday. Right now it’s pointing down. Bit risky

I’m going to hold it , till miss yallen speaks