Journey From $25-$10,000

Might buy another small lot of usd ,

(Update) on trades this morning gold made a top so I decide to short at 1282
Closed trade at 1277.82
Still long usdcad waiting for Janet yallen to speak
Anybody els in any trades right now …?

[QUOTE=“emeraldorc;600558”]Why is this thread in the Newbie section? It is my experience that real traders have no need to boast successes. That’s ego… Something that will no doubt wipe you out. Secondly why is it always 10k? The shear glee in the posters words suggest he himself is surprised. A very strange thing for a consistently profitable trader. The hard work to achieve that will suggest trading is your business making it unlikely your initial investment was $25(who starts a biz with $25). I went into the business with 1k UK sterling with another 1k in back up. I also worked very hard during the tinkering phase trading Micros with 64% win ratio after 106 trades. I do like a good motivational story but you also have to know how to tell it.[/QUOTE]. This Thread is in forex town

Aloso if anybody is trading usdcad I reccomand
Taking a look at the VIX index when stock market opens to get a idea of what’s gunna happen with usd aside from monetary policy meeting

Alright so was scalping gold
Ended up growing my account from $25/$220"
And then I made a few mistakes shorting gold at the wrong time and gold just spiked to 1293 a little higher and took me out so from -$220 down to $45! And currently still long usdcad despite what jannet yallen said I think this week the USd is going spike a lot
Will post all my trades at the end of the day

Currently I’m long usdcad down about 44pips
If usd dose not pull back I may have to restart my journey :slight_smile: I made few mistakes with gold after my short scalp I got a little greedy and was fighting the trend abit but it’s okay everybody human these are some of the emotions you to need to Conquer in order to be a successful trader

Well today the usd dollar stopped me out but I am still long usdcad on my other account holding that as a long term trade , but going to re invest $25 later today , as well as post my trades I made if anybody was intersted ,

Heavy resistance for gold at 1294-1295 after making 5-month highs yesterday. Might be trapping traders who are opening long position anticipating the 1300 mark.

I meant to say NOT IN. Thanks for the pointer Liberte! :wink:

Are you trading gold , or usdcad or anything

[QUOTE=“alanamc;600753”] Closed my UCad long yesterday. Right now it’s pointing down. Bit risky[/QUOTE].
Goood thing you closed that long , I’m still holding one of my trades I think the usd is going to shoot up within the next two weeks

Ah, so what happened? Did the account get blown up? Even if you failed, sharing some insight will be useful.

This thread reminds me of similar ones, like the following:

From $25 - $10,000, it feels like ‘mission impossible’. How are you doing so far, moving close to the target slowly? Keep us updated please. Thank you for sharing your journey with us.

Lol, I don’t think there is a mission even with the luck…

[QUOTE=“perryfx;630400”] Lol, I don’t think there is a mission even with the luck…[/QUOTE]

Well I was up 300 2 weeks ago from $13.50 USD

But I keep running into the same issues
For instance I started with 13.50 so my first trade I place I literally bet the whole 13.50 on 1 trade until I keep doubling my money it’s really easy for me to break the $100 mark some times I make it in a few hours , but you know what they say easy come easy go , some times I don’t stay out of the market and I get my self stuck in a trade I don’t want to close Then I end up loseing 100pips witch is equal to more than 50% of my account then my emotions get involved and I end up blowing up my account ,

There is times when I’m calm focused I have gotten my account up $700 form $50 usd
Few weeks later run into the same problems
For me making money is not the issues it just having consistent profits can be difficult for me I am still working on that and I have figured out some of my major problems , I my self have ADD or what ever you call it some times it can be a really nice edge for me for thinking quick and taking advantage of the market , other times it drives me nuts when nothing is happen in the market I end up rushing in and making silly mistakes so there’s a few things I’m still working on , but I will start posting in this thread next week I will load my account with $50 usd and start journaling my trades again .

I’m a bit curious in regards to which broker do you use that allows you to trade with a deposit less than $200 or are you on demo?

Interesting challenge you’ve set for yourself, ambitious & wish you all the best.




Hello Libertysilver,

your honesty (especially regarding ADHD) is refreshing… Thank you for sharing your triumphs and your pitfalls with us:

we will not judge you, for you know yourself where you are going wrong…Our worst enemy, in trading, is within us:


You have contributed many a good thread on these forums, and I have no doubt that you will learn from your mistakes

and trust your analysis increasingly more than your emotions.

Best wishes.

[QUOTE=“JJ6479;630522”]@LibertySilver I’m a bit curious in regards to which broker do you use that allows you to trade with a deposit less than $200 or are you on demo? Interesting challenge you’ve set for yourself, ambitious & wish you all the best. Goodluck :v:️ J[/QUOTE]

XM Markets best broker I find deposits minim $5

Hahaha no ways, here I was thinking that a majority of brokers started at $200 & your broker allows you to deposit from $5!?

What about leverage??