Journey of an Amature

Current month latest:

Current open position:

AUD/JPY closed with 100 pips. Current standing:

Price is below where my trade closed but, I’m expecting it to move up again therefore, I’ve jumped back into the trade. Current open position:

The AUD/JPY closed with 79.8 pips, current standing:

Added another two trades which have now closed, bagging another 235.5 pips in the process. After a poor start to the month it is turning into a good ending to the month:

March is not over yet but, looking to carry this momentum into April :pray: :crossed_fingers:

March is gone and we’re in April. Not much happening, two trades currently open:

Still room for improvements, that trade USD/CHF opened just above the resistance line of 0.95 and look where I am now :man_facepalming:. I really should have waited to see if it drops below 0.95 before opening the trade.