Journey of an Amature

Not a bad month so far. EURCAD dropped below 1.45, dipping as low as 1.4457 before bouncing back up, currently trading at 1.4530. My trade had closed at 1.449. CADJPY also closed with 82 pip gain, raching as high as 82.082 before re-tracing. Below is the current standing on this account for this month:


Current open trade below:


CHFJPY closed:


Another 99 pips in the bag. Opened a new trade on NZDUSD:


NZDUSD is closed after bagging 76.5 pips, part of me wishing I hadn’t closed it:


It is currently trading at 0.6321 however, I had closed it as 0.63 is the lowest this pair has been since 2016. Below are currently open positions:


Closed both trades, NZDCHF and AUDCHF. Below is the current standing for this month:


I have another trade that I opened on EURJPY last night:


Think this will be the last one for this week

The EURJPY trade I had left open from last week closed this morning after reaching my TP:


I decided to leave the trade open and let it run in the direction it was going having seen what happened to NZDUSD, one of my previous trades which I closed early when price hit 63.00. For that trade (NZDUSD) price reached as low as 62.56 before re-tracing. Below are my current open positions:


Very nice! Congratulations!!!

Opened another trade, USDCAD:


I’m also keeping an eye on EURNZD (possible short) and NZDUSD (possible long), still waiting for the correct setup.

The EURCAD trade I closed last week having bagged 70 pips. Price actually went as low as 1…448 before re-tracing at which point I had moved my SL to 1.45. Price did move back above 1.45 however, has since moved back below 1.45, currently trading around 1.4485. Below are the current open positions as I’ve not added to any other positions on the pairs (NZDUSD and EURNZD) that I was looking at:


Things have been slow, very slow. I closed the USDJPY bagging 90 pips, price actually dropped as low as 106.47 before re-tracing however, I had already moved my SL locking in the 90 pips before SL struck. So far this month:


That AUDJPY trade was meant to be short and only realised straight away that I had executed a long and closed it immediately. Below are current open positions:


USDCAD and USDCHF are from last month, still open and waiting for it to move in my direction.

October has not been a good month for me. I closed a long AUDJPY with the expectation that price was going to drop, instead AUDJPY rose over 200 pips and I’m down over 200 pips by sticking to AUDJPY short. On a positive note USDCHF has finally moved below opening price of 0.98. There are no other open positions:

October has been an unproductive month and has carried over to November. Two trades in particular have been an issue, shorting AUD/JPY and USD/CHF. I’ve closed AUD/JPY completely after being down over 300 pips. USD/CHF on the other hand did move in my favour twice then changed direction and is still open which I may close if price does not move down again.Below is the outcome of having those two trades open:

Current open positions:

Reason why you should stick to the method that works! Deviated from my strategy that was giving me really good results in September which is the reason why October was a bad month. Almost lead to the brink of giving considering how bad October was however, I’ve gone back to the strategy I was using in September.

The AUD/NZD I had closed with some profit, in hindsight should have left it open as the decision to hold rate led to price dropping as low as 1.0609. Anyway, a big lesson learnt, below are the current open positions:

So far in November:

It’s been a whilw since the last post. After having a good month in September I thought I was getting there only to be knocked down again as the trades I was entering were going wrong. So it’s back to the drawing board and more experimenting, trying to get the entry right. Below is the only current open position:

Closed the USD/CHF position on 19.02.2020 after bagging 57.2 pips.Despite settling TP at 150 pips from my opening position, my aim was to reach 0.984. The reason behind 0.9840 is because on the H4 chart this is just above where EMA 200 was on a downward treend on the daily chart:

Price reached a high of 0.9848 before bouncing back down below 0.98, currently trading at 0.9790. It’s been a slow month having to re-gather after the setback. There are no open positions at the moment, below is current standing for the month:

Two open trades at the moment.

First one is AUD/JPY opened on the 4th March 2020.Price was at 71.295 with target at 71.6, touching the EMA 50 line:

Things started well but, did not touch the EMA 50 line. Instead the trade went down hill. Still in the trade but long way away from entry and even longer from target. Will ride this out, see what happens.

Second trade is AU/NZD on a upward trend price is sitting above the EMA 50:

Entry was 1.04889 with target at 1.06. Got my :crossed_fingers: for both trades.

Not going very well, both the last two trades ended up hitting the S/L. Can’t seem t get the entry right and end up going the wrong way :man_facepalming:. Current standing for the month:

No open positions at the moment.

Some people think that forex trading can make them rich overnight. They come in and put their money in one basket without any strategies. They receive loses for being naive. They have to learn first before they can trade, its all about skills. if you dont got them then you are wasting your money.

Totally agree, if there’s no strategy then give it up now. I do have a strategy, just need to get the entry right which is letting me down.

Current open trades:

The three trades have all come home, all achieving their target. AUD/JPY and USD/JPY closed hitting the target when I woke up in the morning. AUD/USD took a little longer to get there however, this allowed me to move SL beyond the original TP target. Below is the current standing: