Just check out my performance I'm hipped as hell

Is it just luck or am I a God ?


What broker provides you with this list?


It looks like a good execution, but without gathering historical data through backtesting that proves the ability to replicate this performance over an extended period (years of trading the exact same pattern), I’d say it’s pure luck.

Looks like you have been rapidly adding to a winning position - a good philosophy.
Just don’t try adding to losing positions. :wink:


Is this that Synthetic indices business? The one that isnt affected by news events? A guy around the road from claims to be trading it and claims to be killing it. I peeked over that fence and tell you what…I think I will stay in my lane.


lol, nicely put! you’re very wise … :sunglasses:

there is no properly regulated broker offering trading on these synthetic boom/crash index “products” - for reasons not too difficult to understand

this is wild gambling, not “trading” in any recognizable or sensible sense of the word

(in forums, when they appear it’s normally a sign of a impending ‘promotion’ of some kind - i’ve been wrong before, but i suspect that will turn out to be so here, too, as i see that a few of the OP’s posts have already been deleted by our excellent moderators)


It’s wonderful to see you succeeding on the crash500index, but you must approach trading realistically and understand that the market can be unpredictable.

Anyone else wondering what “hipped” means?


unfortunately I have no clue.

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Martingale is a killer and I know it, I will never approach that :smiley:

Oh dear @ponponwei and I thought you were hip to all the cool lingo! :rofl:

It means excited and enthusiastic :sunglasses:

Would that be ok if I name that? I dont like to get a strike or a warning or something

my guess is not, given that the earlier posts in which you gave details were deleted by the moderators

what do you think?

are you stalking me? how do you know that? lol why doesnt the moderator ban questioning the details? :smiley:

lol, no, i had previously posted in this thread, so i got an automated alert when you posted again, above

was just trying to help by answering your question

i noticed, earlier on, had been wondering whether you had promotional intentions in posting here - apologies indeed if i’m maligning you, but i did wonder, at the time, and that was why i remembered - your name is rather memorable, too, we don’t get so many Ophelias here! :smiley:

sorry, i don’t know! :slight_smile:

you know that I was just kidding, right? I mean, we are cool, right?

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entirely! no problem here :sunglasses:

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Clearly not hipped as hell. Lol. Is this a UK thing!??!

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OMG @ponponwei You do get me at it when I’m bored - I have spent the afternoon researching the origins of hipped for you, after the Dow started misbehaving.

To cut a long story short, it seems that hipped finds it’s origin in the original American slang ‘hip’ which dates back to pre 1920, also found as in hippie, hipster, hip-hop etc.
No one knows the origin of hip but it probably came from the jazz scene at the time.

Hope this helps :sunglasses: :rofl:

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i’m none the wiser (but slightly better informed) :wink:

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