Just Graduated!

It took over 5 month around 3 to 4 hrs each day. It was hard at first but I did it some how. A piece of advice make sure you have a deep understanding of economics or you will be like me wasting a an entire week on just understanding fundamental analysis other than that my scores at quiz were Fantastic.


Now all I have to do is practice what I learned until "all I do is win".



If you haven’t started demo trading, I suggest you start immediately. have fun!

Congratulations. Thanks for sharing and inspiring me to complete the lessons. I’m amazed by how you got it done in 5 months. Wow! :star_struck:


Congratulation of the completion of your graduation! Maybe you are thinking to step into any profession. So, whatever your life direction is, you can trade forex besides other jobs or businesses.

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To major through Pips school is magnificent, and your perseverance, if kept up on bad days, will keep you in good stead throughout your time trading to reach success.

Best of luck.

Congratulations :grinning:
Diligence is always rewarded.

Thanks. You saved me a lot of time.

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As a fresh guaduate, you can try Forex besides other jobs or busineeses. Best of luck you for the life ahead of you!

Congratutaion on your new journey of life! I recommend you to start Forex trading besides other jobs you do.

Congratulations!! Have you started your demo account? Keep us posted on your progress and good luck!

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That’s awesome! Congratulations! Off topic but I do have to say your username is… interesting lol. Hope to see more of you here!

hey seriously, congratulations… just want you to know, you are on the right path and keep it up… I just wish that new traders are as diligent as you

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its a more appropriate answer from all, by the way congrats Ostrich for completing your graduation .