Kiss principle trading

WED15JAN20: COCO LONG TRADE UPDATE: TP Hit @ +3.5u :grinning:
This great trade hit our TP before i could Push it up even further. I was busy playing tournament poker!
However, happy to see this trade worked so well.
Coco doesn’t have signs of turning at this moment except with Day RSI in O/B territory.

We will wait for the next opportunity.

I don’t see the “D” point of what supposed to have been a “A-D” leg of a possible bear Gartley forming yet.

Well, well, well, Coco gave me a nice profit (+3.5u) but boy there was more room. I had placed my TP just above the 79.6% fib expecting a “D” point of a possible bear gartley that ended up being a possible double top instead.

Now, we have a chance to sell Coco Short as shown…once it opens again…

On a Divergence and Doji candle with 4h Bear Engulfing.

T10 THU16JAN20 COPPER SHORT: S/L @+1u, PT +1.5u (by size reduced)
Let’s try this Divergence near the 786 retracement of the Last Weekly Downswing. We have a hanging man as a candle and 4h bear engulfing candles to boot. Wether these are enough, only time will tell.
I am willing to take it in though.

COPPER: As per my analysis, Copper hit right on the 78.6% (287.92) of the weekly chart and retreat. I had predicted a short at 288-289… :slight_smile: so I would say I came pretty close…:slight_smile:
I had to jump in earlier than this due to my house move and night time. I ended up entering pretty much at the same price as the 4h Bear Engulfing candle that confirmed this area as an entry anyway…

So now wait and see…

T09 UJ: I am not happy with this entry. I pretty much rushed in. I have a good reason though, for the past 7 days we have been slowly packing and doing all the conveyancer paperwork that is needed when selling & buying a house! So I have to be kind to myself on this one. The “doji” candle should’ve been a “bear doji” to give at least a “Harami” combo instead.

Wait and see with fingers cross on this one.

Now this one was a beauty, the Coco opened higher with a gap, at the time I got to my laptop.
So pretty much I got it at the very top before it went south as per my analysis.

After breaking even in the last coco short, we are looking at shorting this commodity once more however at the 2,115 area which will be the 127% extension on the Week Chart
I will be looking for a RSI Divergence and Bear Candle confirmation however in the Day Chart for this to happen. RSI is already starting to show over-bought values whilst the weekly RSI is approaching the 70% mark.

Based on a Day 78.6% fib (market got just 16 pips above this level), and a Intraday 4h Hammer, I have entered long. However, I have tried to give this trade some room in the event that it continuous south to hit the actual Fib 79% level by the pip.

Wait and see…
PS I would recommend waiting for a “Bull Engulfing” candle signal as confirmation to the “hammer”.

Copper: Look out for a Bear Gartley?
Ok, so we are short on this trade which is now at B/E. Copper has made a Bull Gartley when it last reverse its downtrend, however the previous bear reversal didn’t have a gartley with it.
Nevertheless, we have two options, one I let this trade do its thing, if it forms the bear gartley or reduce my position and take some profits once the possible “A” point forms and re-enter at the possible “D” point.

For now, let’s enjoy the ride…

Thu 23 Jan: COCO has now formed a nice Bear Engulfing candle with Overbought RSI on the Day Charts. Although, I was hopping to have a very clear 127% resistance level to boot, this signal plus the Intraday RSI Div with bear candles showing, could be the turning point.
I will wait for this week’s close, since there is a chance of a “Week Harami” also forming if Coco closes around current levels. If not, and it runs away from us, we will be missing out on this trade.
For now, I have also placed a Limit Sell order at the recent high just in case we can get a nice price, shall my analysis be proven correct.

Wait and see…

This trade has been at B/E for a while, and it is kind of paying a bit…
Wait and see…

Decided to protect this trade by placing my stop at b/e after a 1:1 move. We might get stopped out prematurely, but there has not been a Day Bull Engulfing candle confirming this trade yet.

Dear followers, I am trying to make my posts clearer, simpler and practical.
So I am seeking for feedback in my format, since I don’t follow any other posts I don’t know how it works in the other side.

The info I usually post is as follows:

TRADE ENTRY, then S/L update or Profit Taken update (eg reduced size to take some profits on the way), finally Trade Closure (either via S/L hit, manually closed or TP hit).

TRADE FORECAST, this one simply is my own analysis of a possible upcoming trade. The reason I do this is for us to be “in the look out” for a possible set up and be ready to trade it if it happens. If it does, this will be followed by a TRADE ENTRY post, if it doesn’t then It is the end of it.

So once I post the TRADE ENTRY, and then want to keep everybody up to date with my TRADE MANAGEMENT actions, SHALL I use the “Edit” or “Reply” post button?

I used to use the “Edit” button on the original TRADE ENTRY post but sometimes this post is a few weeks old and I dont know if you guys would get the notification and wether it would take you there. Recently I have been using the “Reply” to post button, again I dont know if this clearly links which trade or post I am referring to

So I welcome input if not I think I will keep updating the original post to keep it all in one place until it doesnt let me do so in which case i will use the reply to post button.

Happy trading :grinning::pray:

T09 USD/JPY SHORT: CLOSED @ +2u :grinning:
The U/J has formed a 4h Bull Engulfing at the 618% fib of the day charts. The Day RSI also in the lower range, therefore decided to take my profits on this one.

T12 USD/JPY LONG H4 F62: S/O -1u :frowning:
On a 4H chart Bull Engulfing at the Fib 62% support level with OS RSI (albeit no Div).

T13 AU200 SHORT D1 DIV: S/O @B/E :neutral_face:
Unfortunately this index opened with quite a gap. I could’ve waited to get a better price and risking on missing this trade. After missing out on a nice Coco entry, I decided to take it as it and with confidence that this trade will move plenty to give me a good R:R

In the area as shown, we might have a nice chance to enter long on this commodity…

As per my forecast above, Gasoline hit the Fib 79% by the pip and formed a nice Day Hammer (Monday) and yesterday it also formed a Bull Engulfing Candle to boot. I saw this set up yesterday, but decided to take the Soybean trade instead, given that both are commodities, I opted for the cheaper entry (in pips). If I only had known that I couldve gotten an even smashing price on Soy when it tested its Day Hammer!..Nevertheless, I am considering also taking this trade but this is a great entry if you guys missed out on the Soybean Long. Or if you have within your “bankroll management” rules the facility to trade more than one instrument in the same group, then go for it

In the area shown, we might have a chance to sell this currency short…

T15 MON27JAN20 GBP/EUR SHORT: S/O @ B/E :neutral_face::
Entered this Short at current levels in a H4 Shooting Star rather than taking the chance of missing out like with Coco. However, there’s still a good chance of this currency heading back up north to the above mentioned area before a full turn south.

Wait and see…

T10 COPPER S/L @ +3u