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Hello Everyone, I’m a newbie in Forex and just attended the free seminar of Greg Secker Learn to Trade last week. i was amazed and convinced by their presentation to the point I signed for the workshop cost 80,000 Php ($1700). is anyone here can give me a good feedback about this company? thanks in advance

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It’s interesting how - throughout trading forums all over the web, at the moment - large numbers of new posters are “subtly” mentioning Learn To Trade, and inviting specifically “good” reviews.

One could be forgiven for thinking that it’s a well concerted promotional campaign (either that or a “remarkable coincidence”!). Especially when other brand new, first-time posters “magically” appear, in response, to sing its praises. That’s why most forums are routinely deleting them. Draw your own conclusions.

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The fact that you paid good money for a service you have done no due diligence on shows the fact that you are either marketing scum or just plan stupid. Sorry bro, that’s just the way it is.

If not the first (marketing scum) then the market is just going to chew you up spit you out then dress inappropriately at your funeral.

Hey ajmagsz! Are you pursuing the workshop this coming November??? Please do let me know.

hmmm, interesting… now that you say this :13:

unfortunately, yes there are still people who get sold by a good marketing sale talk, especially for forex newbie (like me). This company started to conduct seminars here in the Philippines selling dreams. What happens is we go there to the free workshop expecting to learn something, but all was just a marketing trap . I can say I was lucky to get my money back. After learning my lesson to do due diligence first, that brought me here in babypips

Hi. I would like to know if how you were able to get your money back. I’ve deposited an initial amount for reservation. But I need to cancel because I will not be able to attend to the classes.

Gosh. I think I’m a bit lucky to find babypips first before attending that seminar. I actually attended the seminar a while ago. I was also amazed at the results presented in that seminar. And the course cost is still 80000 pesos (about 1400-1500 USD). Although I read about this forum first, there’s something inside of me to really purchase the course. Somehow I also feel lucky because I don’t have that money right now. I guess it would be better to study by myself and ask questions in this forum if I find anything confusing.

wewtalaga you hit the nail on the head, search the internet there are some great resources on the web, open a demo account, get a feel for Forex, risk a few pesos in a real account, then if you are of the opinion that something like “learn to trade” will help then go for it.
Trading is a marathon not a sprint

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Hi there. I wanted to know if you did get your money back from learn to trade when you decided ur not gona go with the course?? I fall victim to their mrktg sheme today. And they said they will only choose wp testimonial students who will get the free scholarship worth php 85,000. I didnt have that king of money but i put a downpayment of php10K and they gave me the home kit. I kinda felt bad because its just now that i realized to research about learn to trade and have read some negatove reviews. So were you able to refund ur money?

Hello sir,

I just attended the seminar today. How were you able to get your money back? Please advise, I just paid 10k this afternoon and would like to get it back too since I’ve been reading almost negative reviews from the course. Your reply would be greatly appreciated

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I paid 10k to them today as well but I did not receive a home kit. I’m also looking to get a refund of my downpayment.

10K - just like that… I should start teaching, no wonder so many try and sell!

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I also fell for there trick! Did anyone get given the box and if so did you open it?

Hi Ryan, I also paid a downpayment. Just wondering if you got your refund? I would like to get mine back. Thanks so much, your reply would be appreciated

Hi jadakins09, are you from the PH? I did not receive a box

No the U.K. I received a box when I signed up and was told to open it however if you do it apparently voids any chance of a refund!

I see. I’m from the Philippines. Are you still attending the course, though? I’ve seen loads of negative reviews online.

No I sent a letter yesterday requesting a refund I will let you know how I get on it says you have 7 days to cancel

Yes, please. Would appreciate that cause I’d really like a refund as well. Do you mind getting in touch via Facebook? I find it easier there.