Let's create a Forex trading group

Hi, I’m Kamyab (20) from Germany.

I really like to connect with other traders. But personally I don’t have any friends or acquaintance who I can talk trading to. So, I wanted to create a forex trading group to meet some traders online. Then we could discuss about trading, share our analysis, and perhaps share our trades too and so on. I don’t want a trading group where people only send signals. Just a friendly trading group where we help each other to grow and become better traders together. Becoming a successful trader shouldn’t be a lonely road.

It’s been around one and a half years that I’m in the Forex game myself. So I’m not a pro myself. Just looking for some beginner / Intermediate traders who are passionate about trading, and want to become better traders.
If you are interested, please reply or contact me so we can create and start our group, this could be a simple Telegram group or a group chat on other platforms…

Thank you for reading
PS - The invitation link is on my Bio
UPDATE - BabyPips just removed my invitation link. Apparently, I can’t share links and groups on this forum. But I already created the group on Telegram. The group name is ForexTradingCrew. Hope you find it manually.

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Hi and welcome… :slightly_smiling_face:

Hi, do you like to join the group?

No problem.Do the creation…hit me up on here and I will make myself
available when ur done… :+1:t4:

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Hey man, i’m interested.
I’m from Guyana south america.

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Easy I created the group on Telegram. Apparently I can’t share links in the comment section. So I put the invitation link on my bio.

Hi mate, I find these groups are too much hassle because everyones looking at the charts differently so you’re getting opposite views all the time. If you need any material, links etc hit me up. Best of luck in your journey.

Hey man thanks for your response,
Its actually true. But I think it’s a good idea to see how other traders see the charts even if they have an opposite view. Perhaps one can learn something new if those opposite views turn to be right. But anyway I’ll give it a try.
Thank you very much for the offer. I’ll appreciate it if you share some of your material.
Good Luck

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Hi and welcome, it is a good idea to have a seperate Forex group of traders in telegram and I would like to join it.

Nice, you can join via the link or give me a message

Hi and welcome to the BabyPips forum. I understand where you are coming from. The main focus of BabyPips is to cater for peeps new to Forex, and I think it does an outstanding job of that judging by the number of people who join. I am unsure that creating a group is necessarily in the best interests of the majority of members because most are new to Forex, and groups tend to move at their own pace - that being most likely at a far more experienced level.
When I came back with an interest in Forex last August, I did an internet search of “forex traders in Manchester” and was blown away by the number of special interest groups there were. I joined one with 960 members, and attended their city centre monthly meetings until Covid 19 ruined that. One member started a What’s App group that I still participate in but rarely contribute. If the world gets back to normality, I will continue to attend that group’s meetings since I learned much from them. Two of the members are paid traders. Can’t remember the exact term used, but after an “exam” of sorts, they are allowed to trade for a fund, given a bank limit (eg £100K) and provided they trade within defined risk parameters, they keep 50% to 80% of the profits.
I also joined a Discord group before I even knew what a Discord group was, and have since joined four more related to either Forex or Crypto investment or trading.

So what I am trying to say, is instead of reinventing thousands of existing wheels, I think it best for each new member to take from this forum any and all ideas to expand the source of learning, but not to become overwhelmed by choice before spending some serious time on here to absorb the wealth of information around the context of the Education program which I have found second to none, let alone free of charge.

Best of luck and if you need help just ask on the forum.

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Then Publish your ideas on here ! - You’ll get plenty of feedback - Instead of sneaking off and whispering in corners !

Personally I would not give genuine contact information to some bum - who just posted on a forum and has NO TRACK RECORD WHATSOEVER !

But hey anybody who wants to get scammed - is welcome to contact you ! :rofl:


I preferred the more diplomatic approach - love your style.

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Yeah I saw that After I posted ! :sunglasses:

Tbh I get a bit fed - up with 'em - every weekend they come - when the mods are on “Weekend” leave.

they just join up then try to get a few gullibles to follow them away from here where they are relatively safe - into the jungle !

I mean if yu or I did it - at least we have some previous posts people can take a look at - and I know you’re looking at “groups” - personally I keep away from the “opinions” of others as much as possible - over the decades I’ve found they are nothing but UNHELPFUL in trading decisions - This is NOT something you can do “by Committee” !

I think there is some use to be made of groups, but not in the way conventional traders or investors think. If I ever get time, I would like to look at indicators that result from the effect that “Big Data” is having on society and is increasingly driving business decisions. An example is the use of Twitter feeds in market sentiment analysis. After all, “the market” is just a very large number of human beings all deciding, en masse, whether they are going to buy, sell or hold. This, in itself, should give us many indicators to investigate that are not the conventional ones talked about in standard literature for Forex traders.

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hi .can u share best strategy


If you are worried that I scammed someone just wanted to mention that only 2 people joined my chat group and since they joined they didn’t discussed about trading. One of them is ghosting and another one is trying to sell me something from his broker to me. So the probability that I getting scammed in my own group is higher than anything.
And you don’t have to call people bum scammers if you know nothing about them.
What? Can’t I post such thing as my first post on this forum?
And I didn’t want any contact information. I just shared my group name and link. So if someone didn’t liked it they could leave. How could someone get scammed by only joining a group chat?
I’m not personally glad that I created this group because no one did anything productive in it. I also post once my own analysis but no one said a word.

So, don’t call random people just scammers if you just feel like it …
Don’t judge people online (or offline) that easy…

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What is a best strategy?
All strategies have losers and we all trade differently. Best strategy for scalpers, day traders, indicators, price action, long term trading etc etc. Its too vague.

Build your knowledge. Read threads, books and watch videos online.

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Have you ever checked out will spread?

Hi @Kamyab,

I am not worried. The responses you received are not typical of introductions to new starters, but then again your new starter proposition was not what new starters normally do when joining. Please see the recommendation announcement at the link below (start from the top of the post) that explains the rationale of this forum and some of its rules. Some members think that new members who come to the forum in the manner that you have done shows they have not bothered to read any announcements or content before weighing in there with an “in your face” post.

One of the reasons I rate this forum so highly is because it has many protective members. One thing I have learned in life is that if I wish to learn something from somebody or a collection of people such as you find on a forum, it is far better to wind your neck right back in and be humble. That approach to life also serves Forex traders when respecting that the market will do what the market will do, and it is better to run with the flow than against it. Please look at this brief introduction as an exercise in humility. Peace.