Leverage for beginner

Good day Guys…
Please as a beginner planning on opening a $100 account which leverage do u recommend for me…
I need u guys advice…, I will be trading precisely on nanolots

Hello @khalifa419,

Check out these topics regarding leverage that may be helpful to you.

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most of the beginners i have seen always fall a great trouble when using leverage with high ratio. really high leverage for all time contains huge risk.

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leverage is really a complicated issue , sometimes there is a chance to bring profit by using leverage , but one requirement you have to make sure most powerful analyzing money management.

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so many traders always consider high leverage as high risk , but i dont think so , if there is any risk its completely with non sense planing with zero risk management plan, nothing without it.

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there are so many financial tool in forex trading , from all leverage is most important , because leverage is thing which traders focus when choosing a broker.

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I always advise all beginning traders to use small leverage. New traders are often greedy and want to make a lot of money, so they often use high leverage, thus increasing their risks. Because of inexperience, they lose their investment very quickly. By trading with low leverage, you reduce your risk, and you will be more comfortable with losses, which will help you to be more balanced in your trading. Of course, as you gain experience, you will become more confident and may want to increase your profit from deals by increasing your leverage.


Like everyone else, I would suggest you not to be greedy in the beginning and use as low leverage as low as possible.

For an absolute beginner, I would suggest not to use very high leverage. It may be very appealing, but your risks also increase with it. First, devise your trade strategy and make small trades with your investment and see how it turns out. If it works a couple of times, take the leverage leap.