LinoKoch trades his way to riches

Hello all. I’m an experienced trader, currently working at one of the world’s largest bank as an analyst in fund/asset management. However, in that fund, I only deal with Asian equities. Yes, I’m Asian if that matters.

I am hoping to push boundaries and create a rags to riches story. I intend to trade SGD 2,000 to SGD 1,000,000, thereby creating a fairytale and more importantly, a legacy.

I will consider all possible trades to get there. Ideally, I will execute a big trade daily and also scalp 1 or 2 trades.

Ideally, I will also be doing some withdrawals along the way.


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Hello, thanks for the welcome!

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I forgot to mention in my first post that I live in Singapore, timezone GMT +8. The date right now is 15 Feb 2023, 22:56. The day would be nearly over.

First trade was a Silver long from $20.549 to $20.615, making $441.06. I believe there is more upside, but Silver is sluggish today, so perhaps a rotation out would make sense.

22% on Day 1. Not a bad start but disappointed that the Silver trade didn’t reap more returns. Was looking at $1,000 but could only grab $440. Nonetheless, let’s roll.

Leaving a trade to run, if it hits TP, the ROI would be 10% (barely, but still). If we can make 10% a day, just on $2,000, after 100 days, the figure will snowball to $27.5 million. 100 days is very long, let’s focus on 30 days first.

Key timings to note would be:

  1. Australia’s employment data at 08:30.
  2. USA’s Initial Jobless Claims at 21:30.

Hopefully the running trade hits TP before 08:30 and I will be able to participate on AUD pairs.

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Day 2, 16 Feb.

Trade 2 wasn’t that good, didn’t get 10%, only managed 9.7% lol. I switched from Silver long to Gold long but it didn’t move fast enough for me to avoid the triple swap. Paid $107 in swap. Still managed $200+ profit.

Trade 3 was good, although it wasn’t as good as I hope it to be. Still, I managed to bag $1,000 from it. I want to stay nimble for NY session. Today’s profit stands at $1,286, which is 50% gain. That’s great.


Hello! Thanks for the welcome!

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This thread is gonna be a good one!! Keep going!!!

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I hope so! Thanks!

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Trade 4 was not too bad, grabbing $650 in less than 30 minutes.

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If you don’t mind, could you include profit %? $650 doesn’t tell us as much as % does.

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Currently am at $4,398.

So that trade got me 650/(4398-650)=17.34%.

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I ended Day 1 at $2,441, or 22%.

Day 2 is ending in 52 minutes so essentially over. Currently standing at $4,398. Today was an amazing day with 80.17% gain with $1,957 profit.

Hopefully Day 3 will be good too!

I like this courage, I think we are thinking along the same line,
I want to have an account where I attain at least 2% gain per trade and the dd should be less than 2%. This account will be my master account. I will then have another account. I will copy signals from the first account. I will increase the risk 10 times (for the seond account) that means I have 20% gain or 20% loss depending on the performance of the master account

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No use of stop loss?

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Day 3 is starting at $4,398. 10% of this amount is $440. That would be my target for Day 3. If I manage it, I will have $4,838.

Hopefully more!

This makes it more relatable. Thanks!!

perfect loop

If you’re able to do this, why not trade with a larger account? Why play around with $2,000? That’s nothing. If you can trade like this, why not trade a $50k account and start making real money?

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Several reasons:

  1. This is a new system, too much risk to use huge capital.
  2. Legacy, rags to riches.
  3. Reason 2 is not done for fun. I aspire to open a hedge fund and if this kind of insane results can continue, well, I think I can open a hedge fund and easily attract many clients.
  4. I have many other commitments such as mortgage.

Thank you for showing interest in my journal! May I inquire where are you from? I’m from Singapore, cheers!


Ok. You seem quite confident in this thread and the results speak for themselves.

Rags to riches is not as interesting as $25k to $250k to $2.5M.

Well, not for long with a strategy like this.

This is very smart thinking. Thinking big!!! Good job!!

I’m from the US.

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