List of best regulated brokers

For crypto deposits, check fxview and hotforex, they allow it.

No broker can be categorized as best. Each has benefits and flaws. I have been trading with FP Markets an ASIC broker active since 2005.

I recommend them due to their faster execution speed and reliable customer services.

I’ve been practicing on demo for quite a while and now want to take one step further with a micro account. Which broker can I go live with from this list?

pepperstone, fxview & tickmill are quality brokers from the list acc. to me. Check any one of these & decide!

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Good to hear that you are thinking of starting with a micro account. But before that, I want to know, on how many lots you have practiced on demo. Because when I was doing demo trading, initially I started placing demo trades on big lots like 20, 30 and profits were seen easily in very less time. That was a good feeling but not for long. When I decided to use smaller lots 0.01 or 1 the case was exactly opposite. My strategies were not working on 3-4 hr timeframes.

yeah for deposits its allowed on hotforex, i think withdrawals are not, another option is lmfx they okay too and allow btc transactions upon withdrawals

Thanks buddy! Fxview & Tickmill seem better in terms of commissions. Just wanted to know if the withdrawals are swift with them?

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Yeap. Within one working day.

Both are very good to use.

Alright, sounds good to me. Cryptos acceptable or only fiat?

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New update!
Hotforex got licensed with CMA (Capital Markets Authority) for Kenya.

not bad, hotforex does have a good list of regulations all though out the world. well done

Another new update

  • Crypto trading is now available with Fxview.

They accept both fiat and crypto (btc only tho) for deposits.

That’s great. And, they are allowing crypto trading with this new update. Should be good, will give them a go. Thanks for taking time to reply to me.

Hey fellow traders! What platforms are you using other than mt4 and mt5?

I like TradingStation a lot and some years ago I got a whitelabel from Europacific Bank in a fund manager company I worked with. This platform was absolutely fantastic. I tried to check it now to reply, but they no longer have it. So for now just TradingStation. However, for cryptos, I like Kucoin’s a bit more than other exchanges’.

MT4 and MT5, we all know, are the most popular ones. Apart from them, ActTrader and Ctrader are the ones traders can consider.

I know about Mt4 and Mt5 but never heard of ActTrader and cTrader, are they suitable for beginners?

Acttrader and ctrader are advanced trading platforms and are mostly used by professional traders. I believe MT4 is the best for beginners as it is comparatively easy to use and understand. You can read and analyze the charts and other features easily.

New Updates!

  1. XTB UK to Offer 0% Commission for Stock CFDs trading

  2. Tickmill to add new multiple instruments including Crypto equity, and many more on MT4.

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