Looking For a Good Broker

Looking to start trading on zulutrade.com. However, I need to have a brokerage account. Requirements I have are: One that doesn’t require much capital to open an account (under $1000), that is not a scam, and easy to withdraw money from. I’m looking at the broker, AAAFx and they look reasonable. Unfortunately, they are not open to US citizens. What’s a good alternative to AAAFx?

I recommend you to trade with HotForex, a true STP/ECN broker, has Zulutrade and PAMM. Now it has 100% credit bonus.


For US citizens: AxiTrader USA


Exactly!! imo, zulutrade is much more easier and userfriendly than a pamm, but it has to do with the preferences of each type of trading. :cool:
how are you trading zulutrade friend? signal provider or a follower ?

I am just a follower but I am no longer in zulutrade. Now I plan to use MQL5…

hahahahha good luck with that!
You know that you can follow only one trader??? and the min time is one month that you pay subscription for - no matter if you follow or pause the trader…
I definitely thing you should reconsider - afterall, there is a reason why zulutrade is so popular and this is because people are winning. I think you did not manage to get your account management straight.

there are a lot of good brokers out there, all you need is to know what suits you most.

eddy is right.you need to know what are your criterias your looking for a broker.Sign a demo account and try their platform.A good start will be choosing a regulated broker.

Yes I believe it depends on your trading style as EDDY MO mentioned go with brokers that suits you most.
Then sign up a demo account to experience how things work with your chosen brokers.

Exactly! regulations, tight spreads and executions, this is all we need, imo.

This aspect is very important to consider carefully, no matter where they are located we should make sure that their services suit our trading style. What will help us in this regard is checking carefully their terms and conditions, though very lengthy but we should carefully look at it. I was very careful to look through Profiforex terms of agreement before opening an account there, their transparency really impressed me, what you see there is what you get. So even if we get recommendations, we should look carefully.

Of course!! Due diligence is a must in that case!
Profiforex is an off-shore broker - you should think twice, but again the client is who knows whats best for him.
I would advice you to go with an EU registered broker- just to be on the save side.

I think a broker would provide his/her client the necessary services in order to trade successfully. Currently, I’m satisfied with the good work and suitable trading conditions my broker is offering.

I agree with you. Besides that, I really like broker that have a good customer supports.

Yes I am agree with this, good communication is a must setting up a good long lasting relationship with any broker.
I also like the idea of choosing different platforms and brokers that suits different individual trading style.

YOU might also want to check what leverage they give, and what are the lot sizes and minimum deposit sizes to start.Not all people have 10.000 dollars for a mini account to start with.

This exactly what I meant by tight execution, thank you for clearing it out! :wink:

Yes, MO. Anything other than these would make one feel a little uneasy. I would especially go with executions, very fast executions would make up for most problems experienced during placement of orders, like freezing during news. This is just one of the reason I chose Profiforex, for their speed of execution. And guys am not buffing when I say this. Anyways, we would always have the one we are comfortable with, one that suit our style whether regulated or not.

How is this profiforex site working on? is it a broker? platform? How does it work?

For an Indian citizen you should try to contact with the broker or company I mentioned that is Epic research from Indore.