Love life and moneeeey

That sounds really cool! What do you specialize in?

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Oh, I’m all about shooting portraits and lifestyle stuff. I just love catching those real, raw moments and the unique vibes of each person. It’s super cool to freeze those genuine smiles and all the little bits of daily life :heart_eyes:

I cherish those moments too, especially when Google Photos sends reminders of what happened on that day a couple of years ago ) Pills of memory )

This is a normal condition, because it is a necessity of life. A trader will think there when he/she is successful in his/her trading. Although to become a profitable trader certainly requires hard work. Hopefully the traders at babypips can be successful and get a love life. Learn with enthusiasm for everyone.

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when you reach 35 you will know that it is not all about money trust me

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Oh, absolutely! Because who needs warm hugs, intimate conversations, and shared laughter when you can cuddle with your stock certificates and whisper sweet nothings to your investment portfolio? Love is so overrated compared to the exhilarating rush of watching your assets fluctuate wildly in the market! LOL…

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good morning this place is for learning or fun?

I think you will find both here

Haha, exactly! Nothing says ‘I love you’ quite like a portfolio in the green. Plus, stock certificates never forget your anniversary!

Good morning! You can find both learning and fun here. It’s a place where curiosity meets discovery, whether you’re looking to dive deep into knowledge or just have an enjoyable conversation :slight_smile:

Since this thread was created, my comment and your comment have received the most likes, but our comments are completely opposite to each other. :slight_smile: What’s your opinion on that?

I think this relfects the nature of trading and the varying responses to its challenge from the participants. It’s a free field, you can run onto the pitch from whatever starting point you like, and the goal-posts are not in opposing positions at opposing ends- in fact there is not just two sets of goal-posts, they are all around the side-line - plus they can be moved by the market or even by the trader at any time.

So I’d say it’s very possible for two or maybe even six or seven traders to look at the same market but to construct different charts (all charts are artifical constructs) and develop different responses to what they see.

This only makes trading a much more fun challenge.

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No matter how much money you earn, you still have to think about family and children. Only they can truly love you, and not your money and high position as your business environment.

I couldn’t agree more! I think this applies to everything in life. Different people have different points of view and can react differently to the same situation.

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Hmm, Sure, they love you! But I think that’s for as long as their needs are met, especially the little ones!

Completely agree. The diversity of perspectives and strategies is what makes trading so fascinating!

This is what I strive for. I try to follow money management thinking first of all about the family. :wink:


That’s awesome! :star_struck:

Stable finances is the fundamental of life, We still find whatever you want after that.

Totally agree with you on this :+1: