Macfibo System Version 3.0

I actually was debating with myself regarding the necessity and the logic in releasing a third version of once a popular Macfibo System 1.2 which I published approximately 3,100 spot forex market days ago . Considering the interest of this is pretty much anything but dead contributed to the doubt.

Why I am releasing it then?

Firstly, I miss engaging with fellow traders ( hence why the mention of the old forum thread being dead is actually a very significant point) and also I miss that feeling of fulfilment every time I think I have helped some new traders in their search of an edge, in order to succeed in trading. (You might argue I am doing this to seek attention, to seek being regarded as a trading guru. All I ask is to go back to the old forum thread and I am sure you can establish that I am not that.) I am not good in a lot of things nor do I love many things but I am considerably good in trading, I love trading and certainly I love helping people.

Secondly, I have actually promised and hinted several times that I will share “how I trade Macfibo” as I have mentioned at the time that I do not trade according to Macfibo 1.2 rules anymore. High chance the people who were following the Macfibo System thread are no longer active in this forum or have moved on to another system but a promise is a promise.

So whats new on Macfibo Version 3.0?

It will still have some elements from Macfibo 1.2 to a certain degree. However, there are “fixes some bugs” from the original on such as the R:R ratio and filtering bad signals

I have attached the pdf guide for this system. Have a read and I hope you are interested in trying and test the free system.

Looking forward to hear from other traders

Macfibo System Version 3.0.pdf (791.5 KB)


Correction done on the PDF. Those who have downloaded it before, please download it again. Thanks

Recent trade #EURGBP

Trade Example #EURCHF

Here’s an example where it didn’t go really well. Yes I don’t only show trades that worked.

Two trades all got stopped out. But pay attention at the second trade though. Price went down as anticipated but missed the D1 1.618 level… having said that though, this trade was on 8.5R already. This is why it is crucial to split your trades so you can get something out of the trade.

Current Trade #NZDCAD

Thx sufian for sharing his system,
With 1:2 RR , we can lose 6 from 10 of our trade still in profit
With 1:3 , lose 7 from 10 of trade and stil be in profit
With 1:4 , lose 8 from 10 of total trade we still in breakeven
Now can we imagine with system that can achieve more than 1:5 ?

Its remind me of the old day at other forum,some brazilian stock trader share his system,
And some forum member and myself knew thats its profitable system,
And we just say thank you and never post anymore in his thread,
So his thread buried deep never surfacing again.
We who saw it doesn’t want other people know his system.
And i hope your thread doesn’t buried too deep :kissing_smiling_eyes:

Friendliness : 7
I prefer set and forget approach
Profitabilty : 9
That my estimation without forward test so just take it with grain of salt
risk tolerance : 20
No comment
Bonus point : 3

So sufian ,What will u do in this situation?

Hey there artawidi. Thank you for the interest of the system. :grin: :smile:

so business time…

Yes I remember that 4 strikes of filth. I remember I didn’t take the second arrow because at the time I maxed my portfolio risk % so I didn’t pay attention with it. I paid attention the other two and I believe I all my positions based on that daily bias got stopped out.

After years trading this system I have learnt a) that spit happens… in particularly when you rely on Moving Average crossovers to determine your daily/weekly directional bias. b) it’s never good treat that ONE trade as the be all and all… c) build a portfolio of positions (that when in total is still within your max risk tolerance/appetite) then if one or two trades got stopped out trade it won’t matter too much.

But yeah… those 4 fake strikes was indeed a slap in the face :rofl:

If I had to choose A CHART to be the system’s poster boy… well obviously THIS AIN’T IT. It was indeed like a low budget horror movie with a cute ending. My whole point is that we have better chance to discover a 5 legged pink Unicorn that can speak 4 languages (including Martian) than discovering a 100% accurate killing machine trading system.

The most recent bias, if we taken the trade (and I understand it must be very difficult for some traders. They would’ve been traumatised, and even have already thrown the trading system in the garbage because winning rates matters more than ROI for some traders because human beings love to be right… ) then it should wiped out all the losses of that 3-4 strikes (massacre). But again allow me to reiterate, it shouldn’t be a problem if you built a portfolio trades from different currency pairs.

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Sooner or later someone will ask those question,
So thats why im ask ahead,and those like question never asked again


Thanks buddy

So if you have any question regarding the trading system, by all means ask my friend.

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Whenever you in a winning trade (and I promise you will have it), just imagine Mel Gibson’s poor attempt of Scottish accent screaming “HOLD! HOOOOLD!”. Be like William Wallace of trading (okay I don’t know what that means to be honest but be a Warrior… just dont kill anyone)

Be impatient with your losers (the moment you know you were “wrong” about the direction or timing) hence don’t hold your losing trades (moving your stop loss is a jerk move) and be very patient with your winners (particularly this system will require you to wait days if not weeks for the price to hit the TP zone) by holding your winning trade and let it hit your TP level.

In this situation,there is crossover signal and zone is not visited
What must we do?
Do nothing and wait for another signal?

I am sorry I am not my trading desk right now. I am replying on my phone and I am the worst in doing charts via phone. absolute joke.

you pick the candle that confirms the crossover, you move to 30 minute chart and correctly identify the trading day that represents that candle in D1. you drag the fib level, in this case its from the low of that day to the high of that day (since its a Bullish crossover.)

Check again mate, for this example i think it visited the zone.

The fib you pull on D1 is for price projection. in 30 minute is a different fib and it is for entering a trade at the best price possible (and anything that is above the zone, for a bullish bias, is not an optimal price. vice versa)

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please be wary of the risk events of the day before even thinking about entering a trade. Price spikes are responsible of so many premature death of trades (stoploss hunt) and are responsible for many broken computer screens and thousands of dollars worth of swear jar donations.

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I know this wasn’t included in the guide because it is not very clearcut as not every Risk Events/Economic Report has the same effect on price movement. However, Jobs Numbers especially the NFP will certainly cause a tsunami effect of price spikes to almost every currency pairs.

I generally do not like to trade on Fridays but it isn’t really a hard rule BUT when there are big Economic reports coming up like Jobs Numbers than I will not trade before it and few hours after it (reccomended to just leave it alone completely until the next London session)

Where are you from, Soufian?

hey Yassine11. Thank you for the interest in the system. I hope you find the system suits your trading objective and/or gives you idea of trading concept if/when you want to develop your trading strategy.

If there’s anything not clear about Macfibo system, just ask away.

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Commodities - Copper

Bias = Bearish
Price Zone identified.

Now, just wait…